Smooth orchidSmoothest pink petals                                                                                                  Erotic design to lure                                                                                                             In to the centre


Bluedaisyz  52weekchallenge

Smooth by Jamie, Roz, Garry (great minds … Garry!), Erika

GARDEN DIARY                                                                                                       Pruned the apple tree. I cut up the prunings for kindling.                                      The second day in a row that I have gardened til the sun went down – in February!!!! Fab-u-lussssss!


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  3. It must be mild there, gardening until sundown. I think it is only in Ireland that spring starts Feb 1. Are you March 21 like North America?
    The orchid is beautiful. I never could grow them well in the States but perhaps here I’d do better where it is so much more humid.

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    • We had a glorious Sunday and Monday, Melissa, today dull and cold once more. I’m not sure when Spring officially starts, I just love marking the turn of the year in the Quarters and Cross-Quarters. I seem to have got orchids sussed now as I have several that are on their third time of flowering. They are watered with room temperature rainwater once a week(I fill a watering can with rainwater and it sits in my kitchen). I give them a good soaking and let them stand for about 20 mins, then drain them. I feed with tomato feed when they are in bud and in flower. They seem to flower for about 6 – 9 months and then have a 6 month rest.

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  4. Happily gardening vicariously through you, Sandra! Meanwhile, our February so far has been making us pay for the mildest January anyone can recall… Tell me now, are those pretty petals pictured blooming already? That would be truly FEB-ulous! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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