Happy Valentine’s Day

I did it!3 heartsaI got a crocheted heart to each of my 8 grandchildren for today! It gives me a warm glow to know they have a symbol of Granny’s love and hugs with them. The ones above are for Miss E, Master R and Little Miss M, they all really loved them, really it surprised me how much, and have hung them by their beds as have Big Bro and Little Brobluheart

who wore them round their wrists all day yesterday when they were with me, except when we went digging compost in the garden. The hearts got tucked into pockets then.3x3

I’m hoping the others made their way to London ok.

Here’s wishing you a happy day filled with love and hugs! ❤





GARDEN DIARY                                                                                                               We dodged the showers of rain and dug compost out of the rotary compost maker. The boys squealed with joy to see the masses of little reddish wiggly worms. We put some in a jam jar to look at later. Then we spread the compost around the raspberry canes, talking of the yummy fruit we will be eating in the summer.

4 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. You are amazeballs xxx

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  2. Very special ❤ . Sounds like you all had a great day. Yesterday was just stellar wasn't it?! Today is lashing out. Blah. Yesterdays garden is todays kitchen and craftroom. Love the crocheted hearts so much,

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