Bedspread for Little Miss M

A finished project is something to celebrate!marlarugThis one started out as one of the throws I was making to go beneath my favourite painting, ‘Summer Flight’ by Carolyne KardiambI was trying to choose colour and design to compliment the picture and go over the back of the sofa beneath.  Not a good idea as it turns out –  all the ripple designs I tried seemed to fight with the picture – they were not happy together. mblnktBut experimenting was enjoyable and resulted in quite a few cushions and a couple of throws that have been put to good use elsewhere.

mwrapThis one is much loved by Smokey the kitten. It has now become a bedspread for Little Miss M.

It took some time to work out how to do the edging, but with crochet this is quick and easy.


Filling in the rippled ends took a bit of working out. I just sort of made it up as I went along, but I think it worked out well enough in the end.mb3Smokey and the girls think so anyway.emkt

Made with Stylecraft Special DK, 12 Colours:

White, Cream, Soft Peach, Fondant, Bright Pink, Magenta, Aspen, Turquoise, Teal, Aster, Bluebell and Lavender.


15 responses to “Bedspread for Little Miss M

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  3. Lovely blanket!

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  4. It is truly beautiful. I love what you did with the edges, and the colours are so lovely! xx

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  5. Beautiful! I have a ripple blanket in my list of ‘projects in my head’, along with a night sky and a seabed, at the moment I’m totally stuck though, just over half way through a rainbow free form blanket, just waiting for my block to lift….your beautiful ripple might just help 🙂 xxx

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    • Ripples really are wonderfully soothing to crochet. I imagine freeform requires lots of creative decision-making, I’m not surprised you are finding that difficult right now. Loving the sound of your creative projects in-waiting.


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  7. Beautiful colours and I like the ripple pattern!

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  8. Just her size 😉
    Nice border you went with, great job filling in the ‘v’ edges.

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    • HaHa! Yes, thank you, I started with the intention of writing the pattern of how to fill in the ‘v’s, but then I would have had to count and be precise and exact and really I was just too eager to get it finished!

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