Haiku Challenge

A beast of a day                                                                                                                     Is when I cannot create                                                                                                   The sign of trouble


I could not resist having a go at Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge.

He gives two words each week to be included in a Haiku. I kinda approached this sideways thinking I’d balk against words being presented to me – but no – this haiku just popped out onto the page with syllables intact – no effort – Ha!

So – I’m in! (thank you Melissa)

I know lines one and two and then lines 2 and 3 need to work as complete and separate entities and I was going to put a ‘?’ at the end, but wonder if Haikus have punctuation marks…. still more to discover.

5 responses to “Haiku Challenge

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  2. Such a relatable haiku! I’ve had a beast of a day with my writing. Tomorrow will be better.

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  3. So happy you giving it a go this week 🙂 You are a natural fit and the challenge to make two words work is addictive. Anyway, one week at a time. I have much to catch up on now that internet is back running at a normal pace again and I am starting from the end and working backwards, you first in my notifications. But first a bit of yoga–over a week since it would play any video without ‘buffer, buffer, buffer…’ Happy day for so many reasons! 🙂 Talk soon. Xx

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