ringsteadMandala of weed

On a still, bright Autumn day

A meditation


Week 10 of Bluedaisyz 52 week photo challenge, subject : THINK

Other THINK participants: Jamie, Melissa, Erika, Garry

And joining in with this week’s Haiku Challenge from Ronovan which asks for the two words, Miss and Past to be incorporated into a Haiku:

Mandala calm gone

Time flying past, way too fast

I miss quiet days


Added 16.March.  Ronovan writes a review of each Haiku in the challenge, which I really look forward to reading. It adds to the fun and the connection with the other writers. Here it is:

Sandra of Wild Daffodil: Think A good piece. I learned something with this one. I learned what a Mandala was. This was a Google moment. I love Google moments. Peaceful. I like it.


13 responses to “Think

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  4. I like the peace of this one. I need that a lot of late. Since my concussion my brain doesn’t stop working. It has to go and go until exhaustion shuts me down to sleep. I like peace a lot. Thank you for this one.

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    • So glad to hear you like the peacefulness of this picture, I had it as my screen saver for a long time. I did not know about your concussion, I’m a newbie to your site, sounds like the aftermath is leading you a merry dance. Sending you a parcel of peace on the ether. Thank you for the challenge, it is FUN!

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  6. What a great take on the words Sandra. And a beautiful beach and mandala…very meditative indeed.
    I am away for the next couple of days. Funny how much I miss blogging, like family in many ways. Sorry I didn’t get your ? earlier re: Ronovan. I guess you know now, it is Monday noon, our time, as he is five hours behind us.
    Talk more end of week then. Melissa Xx

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    • Thanks! And yes, I know now – I was feeling so impatient to post my ‘think’ – crazy! I have to tell myself to ‘calm down’! It is ridiculous how excited I feel about Mondays! I didn’t manage to get the two challenges together in the same Haiku – but I did manage the same post! Have a good couple of days away. Blogging is my creative family i suppose, and although I LOVE my large and lively home family – creative relationships are very important too and a place for me to be ME, creative me (rather than granny, mum, school run, changing nappies me) and I too miss blogging A LOT if I’m away too long!!! Have fun!

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      • Sorry, I had to come back to your post and see what you meant… ‘I didn’t manage to get the two challenges together in the same Haiku’.
        I totally read the two as one and think they flow perfectly that way…the day was here and now it’s gone, leaving with you much to think about before (mandala idea), during (mandala being created), and after (meditating on creation) and the picture to remind thoughts of that whole process and what you miss.
        That was my take on it. I LOVE it.

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  7. Quiet days to meditate and just take in nature, are needed. 🙂

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