Gosh , it is over a month since I posted Cal6!

This often happens to me, I race along with the main body of a project and then the finishing off takes thought and concentration and spacious time, so it gets put to one side (I have SO many WIPs!!!) waiting for such a time to present itself. Does the same thing happen to you?


This project started off as a single bedspread, then my daughter said she would like it to go over her double bed and I saw the idea of an edging of these African Flower squares on Ravelry.

edge1I have crocheted round the entire blanket as Lucy suggested for 3 rows,edge 1a with first a row of DC(US style, I learnt from an American crochet book, so my instructions are always US style), then two rows of SC. Don’t you just LOVE how the ‘Bright Pink’ and ‘Bluebell’ ZING together!edge 1abIn fact I just love the way all the colours in this blanket dance and play together.edgeOf course the squares are not an exact fit …..edge1abc there is this much of a gap that needs to be filled. I have worked out that it is 8 rows short along the short edge. So my next task is to work out how to fix that and attach the squares to each other and the blanket

Update: there is no need to ‘fill in’ any extra rows, the seams themselves add enough to the length. Join all the squares together, then find the middle of the row and the middle of the side of the blanket, pin and sew,easing in where necessary. It is best to have it a little too short rather than too long, so that you don’t have a frilly edge.

edge2A challenge indeed, but I’m looking forward to see it all together, so that will spur me on ….. anyone got a free day of spacious quiet time they could give me?

Happy Hooking!!!


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  4. A beautiful creation! You have eight sc rows short and eight squares per end, not including corners, by looks of picture four. Maybe the gap can be filled when you attach them? That could result in you having an extra square on each long side if those squares are joined in the same manner, but after you finish a short end you will know how much exactly it adds to the overall length of each connected flower square strips.
    However you resolve it, there is no doubt it will be stunning. Look forward to seeing how you tie it all together. 🙂

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  5. Love the colours looks fantastic

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