peachLast year I bought a teeny tiny peach tree online. peach2Variety: Bonanza.

Look at the amazing blossom on it – what a pink! Those flowers look like they should glow in the dark.

It is supposed to be a patio peach tree that you can grow …well on a patio – in a pot.

My thinking was that if I planted the tree in the garden, it would grow a bit bigger than it would in a pot, but not too big for the small, south facing space I made ready for it.

However it does look ridiculously small in its shelter.

peach1The corrugated clear plastic roof is Β to keep the rain off to prevent leaf curl – so far so good. The roof tilts slightly to the right and the rain drips into the black container (a bin from an old sit on mower I once had) and hey presto that keeps the ground from getting sodden in one place and provides water for watering the peach tree – that’s permaculture in action right there!

I hope it does grow a bit bigger, do you think it will?

12 responses to “Peachy

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  2. Looks great and well sheltered. Can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t grow, and hopefully give plenty of yummy fruit. I have zero experience with peach trees so will look forward to watching it over the coming seasons. Even if it only ever blossoms, they are worth it alone, just gorgeous. πŸ™‚

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    • You are so right! I can delight in the blossom alone – nice positive spin. πŸ˜‰
      I too have zero experience of growing peach trees before this one, but my much loved step-grandmother grew one and I have magical memories of picking them with her and then as a sacred ritual, each placing them on floral china plates and cutting them with a silver fruit knife, and then delighting in the juice running down our chins – precious. If I can recreate something of that with my grandchildren I will have earnt my star Granny status!

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      • Amazing how strong those memories from childhood can be. That peach eating ritual sounds absolutely delicious, so vivid in your mind’s eye. Thanks for sharing it with me. I used to sing a song about peaches to my children but it kind of died out over the last couple of years. But now I plan to surprise them by reintroducing it this week. πŸ™‚ You’re awesome inspiration, you and your peach tree memories! πŸ˜‰

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  3. It ought to grow bigger over the next few years. You are certainly taking good care of it!

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  4. Hi, thanks for deciding to follow my blog, I hope you will enjoy sharing my passion for my garden and that you’ll leave comments so we can share ideas. I’m sure your little tree will grow, your shelter is very impressive, just what the RHS suggested. My peaches and apricots are flowering now but with out the benefit of a cover so I hope they don’t succumb to leaf curl this year. Christina

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    • Your garden looks glorious – I am going to enjoy spending time taking a tour. I’m really excited about sharing ideas!!! That’s what I so LOVE about this wonderful supportive community. Good luck with your fruit trees – it might be only in UK they need protection – you could well be fine in Italy. So lovely to meet you. xx

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