Beacon Bacon

It’s Monday! Another photo challenge day AND Haiku Challenge day – I get a real excited creative buzz on Mondays – my Photo is at the ready to be posted – CRISP this week – I’m itching to just get it out there – but now I also enter into Ronovan’s Haiku challenge and have to wait til about midday to get his two prompt words – oooooooh – it’s hard to wait!!

His words last week were Beacon and Field, and several people, including me at first read BACON instead of BEACON. First to post in the challenge was Dr KO, then Greg from Simplicity Lane and it sparked off this response in my head

Bacon equals ‘beacon’ broken
An ‘E’ taken and forsaken
Sandwich filled with added ‘L’ to field
And a delicious breakfast is now grilled!


I would never have thought I would get into poetic banter – I’m so loving these creative connections.

If you are interested in seeing the round up and review of all the Beacon, Bacon, Field Haikus, click on this link. You never know, you might feel compelled to join in!  My favourite: Vashti’s, The Lady and the Lamp.

I’m off to make a bacon sandwich.

2 responses to “Beacon Bacon

  1. Ha, ha, ha! What a fun post! Thank you so much! I’m so happy you enjoyed my haiku as much as I enjoyed yours. 😀

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  2. Ha, ha! Love it! Xx Vashti’s was one of my faves also 🙂

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