Bad Ads

My ‘READ’ post (2.March.2015) was followed up with a conversation with my sister about her advertising days, and going through these 60’s and 70’s ‘Housewife’, ‘She’ and ‘Woman’ magazines we poured over these terrible ads!

DSC_0002 so wrong in so many ways!DSC_0013The magazine above was printed in 1967 – I was 15. It explains so much about my Mum and Dad’s relationship. It is this hideous culture of sexism and LOOK!!! – racism – that we grew up in. DSC_0034

How insulting to a culture that keeps the female form covered and then below an array of some swarthy white men in fancy dress – it is SO extraordinarily BAD!!!!!!DSC_0031 DSC_0032And this is not that long ago!DSC_0015 we are talking 60s and 70s when I was a teenagerDSC_0009 Annabel can’t even be there in her own right – she has to be GEORGE’s sister!!!DSC_0009 - Version 2

Oh I do so hope young women in the West appreciate what my generation fought for. Sadly these attitudes linger on.
DSC_0011 DSC_0012

I laugh at them now, but squirm to think that this is the world I grew up in – we have come a long way – haven’t we????!!!!!! Do the current generation of 30 somethings realise what we have been fighting for?

And don’t get me started on the ‘Mad Men’ series, I can’t watch it. A friend of mine loves it because she worked in that world and says it is so true (my sister says it rings true for her as well) – after watching the first episode I forced myself to watch it the next couple on this recommendation – but no more!


Phew! Rant over!!!

16 responses to “Bad Ads

  1. OMG! The ads are bad indeed, especially the first one:
    ‘Whatever you break, there’s a glue to stick it back together again’

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  2. ‘Undies to be sold in’. Reeealy?! I’m shocked that was acceptable even back then. You said it– it is SO extraordinarily BAD!!!!!!

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  3. Those adverts are bad but I was brought up fairly ‘unisex’ as were my children. These days with separate ‘pink’ toys for girls and ‘blue’ for boys I sometimes think things have gone backwards.

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    • I agree with you – I’m aghast at all the stuff that marketing throws at my kids and their kids – and Christmas time is the worst – that’s why I have to escape every other year and only give my grandchildren some daft little thing I have made for them – no plastic in sight and all 8 whether boy or girl get the same thing (two little knitted pigs last time as seen in my Etsy or Ravelry shop)


  4. Mmmm. Those ads are pretty bad. And I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s. My mother gave me the impression that it was a fate worse than death to be a spinster left on the shelf and pitied by all! But I don’t think we have got it right yet. Some female singers leave me cringing with their performance, WAGs, real housewives etc. , TOWIE, make me wonder what we have achieved after all!

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  5. I find it particularly interesting that every single one of those adverts references at least one man. Women really did used to be defined in terms of men… something that continues in current society but that we think so little about. Why, for example, do women continue to allow their identity to be subsumed by a husband… going as far as abandoning their own name for goodness sake. And we continue to live in a society with basic structures created for and by men – adversarial politics and legal system for instance. We need systemic change to make a better world.
    OK, rant over… you touched a nerve!

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  6. Oh my God! Those adverts have reached a new level of offensive! I love how it is an ‘ambition’ to want to get married and bake for your husband! As for those awful undies ads, how ignorant they really were of other cultures back then. It did give me a laugh though!

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