Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge: words of the week – TIME and NEW.

The tide takes its time

To retreat and then return

Refresh and renew


Bluedaisyz Photo Challenge: EMOTION

emotion When my two friends arrived for a weekend by the sea with me, they were pretty darn happy!

Three friends together 

Emotion by the ocean

Hip, hip, hip, hurray


This photo was taken a few years ago at Ringstead. Happy memories!

Do you have a place where you can go to completely relax, a home from home?

Ringstead is bliss, but I needed to get a bit further away – and another favourite place is a delightful and slightly whacky Bed and Breakfast, Felingog in Solva, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

I have escaped, done a bunk, skedaddled (one of my 7 Wonder Words) – it was time for me to step away from the situation I was struggling with, I could go no further – enough! Recovery time is necessary, and Solva is the perfect place for me to rest and recuperate – there is no getting away from it, I need to be by the sea to recharge these flat batteries.

My Mum was born in this area of south west Wales and I always feel welcomed into the local community in a way that means my whole self just settles.

So many happy memories from childhood summers spent on the beaches, and building new memories with my grandchildren.

I am meeting my second cousin for supper tonight, I haven’t seen her for about 45 years! Emotion by the ocean!

Nearly a Haiku?

Time spent in Solva

A new sense of peace at last

As the tide turns

Other Photo Challenge Entries: Roz, with the sheer bliss of a good scratch!; Jamie, with a cute Valentine; Melissa, the cutest, cheekiest smile; Garry a strong image from Cambodia; Erika, so happy and proud!

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26 responses to “Emotion

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  3. I love having you as part of my Haiku Family. I really do.

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    • Ronovan, what a sweet man you are!!! You came to mind today as I found myself singing “It’s all about the bass, ’bout that bass, no treble”! I am enjoying being part of the Haiku family more than I ever thought. It makes it really special that you read and comment on each amazing Haiku. I’m hooked! ❤


  4. I like all three, but my favorite is the first one, one need to observe how nature has time for everything and try to follow the same rule.

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  5. What fun, lovely haikus. 🙂

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  6. What a great Haiku and the picture illustrated it perfectly! 🙂

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  7. Have a lovely time in Solva… and come and say hello if you get as far up as Aberaeron!

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  8. Always amazed how quickly you come up with these posts, mainly because the content is so obviously carefully thought out, interesting, and written so well. And there isn’t time to prepare for it!
    I do not really have a home away from home. My in-laws is maybe the closest thing I would call that, where I feel completely comfy and relaxed. Though my arrival usually follows a hectic day in the city so it is more convenient than a relaxation destination. I do love it there, but must find the go-to that you describe.

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    • My cunning plan is that I do have the photos all lined up and ready to go for the photo challenge in my ‘drafts’ (I love that I can plan in advance for them), and then it is just a question of adding the Haiku Challenge words to fit. I love that you say they are well written, and interesting – I never know – and I see such wit and wisdom in others’ posts [yours included :-)]……. but it is fun to try.
      How great that you can completely relax with your in-laws, not everyone’s experience!

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      • That is a great plan for someone who has a good photo bank. Sadly, I don’t. 😦 I could benefit from printing the words and gathering photos from this day forth though. No joking I am staring at a list of 24 things on my to do list right now, broken down under the headings, kitchen, craft, garden, office, classes. My alarm is set for ten mins from now and I must hit the hay. It is all exciting really. Started taking names for fermenting workshops and sewing summer camp. In the middle of adjusting my blog’s menu to reflect it.
        Anywho, blah, blah, blah!
        Oh, I know what you mean. Some people really nail it week after week, then some just simply make me think. And I loved the one this week that addressed the reader directly from (?), ugh, not anywhere in my memory who did that one! 😀 We have come so far in our Haiku journey from last, when? Decemberish! Funny how that all unfolded, now it’s like we’re in a Haiku club, Ronovan is President!!
        Darn, there’s my alarm! And menu not complete… Good night for now my dear friend. Xx

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        • I am in awe of all you do!!! I’m amazed your list stops at 24! The workshops and summer camp sound interesting – I’m going to enjoy reading about those. I may have given the wrong impression, I haven’t set up the whole 52 photos (the use of the word ‘all’ in ‘all lined up’), but i do have about 3 ready in my drafts as the subject sparks a memory of a picture in my ‘bank’ (i literally do have thousands! yikes! they need weeding!). I do this as life takes over sometimes and is a tad unpredictable so I like to have the posts there, just in case, and add the words to them in random moments. I seem to live in mainly creative chaos with little pockets of order and organisation that surprise even me!
          Absolutely agree about the Haiku club – it all started for me on my blissfully solitary Christmas Day and writing a little poem about it, a friend responded and talked of Haiku, a fellow blogger gave me the Haiku ‘rules’ and then you picked it up and ran with it, which has so enriched this FUN foray into the world of Haiku and challenges, which I would never have got into without your encouragement – brilliant! And so crossing time and space a friendship develops – extraordinary and wonderful! Hope you smash that list today!

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          • So it turns out that I do have discs of photos backed up form 2009!! Oh ya! I am convinced there must be some ’emotion’ there somewhere 😀
            I crossed 6 and a half and a half things off my list today, added only one. I had an unexpected guest come by and had them sowing seeds in pots with me. Didn’t give her a choice, if she wanted my time that was what I was doing. She happily obliged and we had wonderful conversation and much was accomplished.
            I use the term ‘organized pandemonium’ to describe your ‘creative chaos with little pockets of order and organization’! Sounds like we are similar on more than one way 😉 !!
            I never imagined poetry would be part of my daily life, well weekly anyway, but I just love it!

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  9. I love being by the sea, I always find it really soothing – probably being born in the British Isles I’ve never been too far from the coast, a day-trip is all it ever takes to find me a beach to walk on, wherever I am! 🙂

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