DSC_0676Slugs leave leaves in tatters

I want to be rid of slugs

But they feed hedgehogs


Inspiration for Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge this week eluded me until I was wandering around my garden this morning and noticed the pesky slugs and snails have been at my irises and saw the leaves in TATTERS, the other word for the challenge is WANT and when I thought of that the Haiku wrote itself.

Haiku, so I have learnt, are traditionally inspired by nature so this one pleases me and the two sentences work in isolation – phew!:

Slugs leave leaves in tatters, I want to be rid of slugs.

I want to be rid of slugs, but they feed hedgehogs.

What else do British Hedgehogs eat: click on this link to find out.

Click here for Ronovan’s review of all the amazing Haiku.


12 responses to “Tatters

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  3. Great job on the haiku! I didn’t know hedgehogs ate slugs. Yuk! 😛

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  4. I hate slugs too. Lots of them live in my composter. Does that mean they don’t need to eat my plants or that I will have more of them out there? Not sure.

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  5. Always consider the food chain:D

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  6. If only they were cuter, they wouldn’t be so easy to despise, poor things. Fab Haiku 🙂

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  7. That is a wonderful Haiku, I hate slugs too!

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