Welsh Wednesday Walk-Along

The drive from St.David’s to Aberaeron is spectacular! On my way I took a little detour to find Mwnt. (this was a few weeks ago) My cousin had recommended this beach (thank you H!) otherwise I would never have ventured the 3 miles off the main road. It was well worth it.

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it does take a bit of finding down narrow high-banked roads2a 2c


4d 5make the most

I did not see any dolphins but did see a Red Kite being chased by what looked to me like crows. Blissful to be able to sit, looking out to sea, and crochet, whilst sipping a hot cuppa from the excellent little kiosk, and munching on homemade Welsh cakes. 8

The sand is just asking to be drawn on ….


…. a cool waterfall for washing the sand from between your toes as you leave the beach8b

And thank you so much to Linda for letting me know about this spectacular Sand Artist – watch this!

Where have you been walking? I’d love to see your part of the world, please leave a link to one of your favourite walks so that we can walk along with you.


12 responses to “Welsh Wednesday Walk-Along

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  3. Beautiful calm day for a drive and walk. Those horses are unreal with that backdrop, really framed for a stop and pause moment.
    Nice sand art. I was thinking ‘add colour and a couple giants for a fun game of twister’!

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    • You hit the nail with the ‘stop and pause moment’! There are masses of horses in fields in that part of the world, but those sleek coats shining in the sun against that heavenly blue ……….

      Ha Ha – giant twister! I hate that game!!! Ha ha ha!!!

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  4. Aberdovey! Yea!

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  5. Wow! I would love to visit this beach and your photos with that blue blue sky are stunning. The furthest South we go on a day trip is to abadovy ( oops can’t rem how to spell that) 💛💜❤️😋

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  6. What a wonderful place. My geography is dreadful, I must look to see exactly where it is.

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    • It really is wonderful, made all the better by the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere after travelling so far down tiny roads. It is on the West coast of Wales, North of Fishguard and South of Aberaeron. Absolutely stunning views all the way!


  7. Thank you for yet another wonderful walk. I do love the beach and that one at Mwnt is so pretty, The waterfall is gorgeous too and the weather looked kind to you. 🙂

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