Kalanchoe party

DSC_0559 There is a bit of a Ta Dah! moment going gone in my sitting room at the moment. Although it is still pretty chilly outside, I don’t think I will be having any more fires and to celebrate I have gathered some of my flowering houseplants together on the wood-burner. Apart from the orchids, I have grown all of them from cuttings which is immensely satisfying. But it is the kalanchoes I’m particularly pleased with as they have not flowered for about 3-4 years and I was considering throwing them out when last November I noticed some buds forming – patience rewarded! And now they are really putting on a show!

10 responses to “Kalanchoe party

  1. How pretty..I love the different colors of bowls accenting the colors of your kalanchoes. Do I detect a geranium and perhaps a violet crashing the party??? Thanks for sending the URL. I love this pic.

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  2. You must be good with house plants. I’ve mostly given up on them now but interesting about the Kalanchoes. I had one once and when it didn’t flower again I gave up on it. Maybe I should have waited!

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    • I used to be hopeless with houseplants but now I have a routine that seems to work: I water once a week (Saturday), with rainwater (not sure that is essential) and feed with tomato fertiliser each week in the spring and summer and every 3 weeks in the winter (except the orchids – they get fed every week as they flower at all times of the year). I check round the plants about an hour later (or sometimes next day when I forget!) and pour away any excess water – I think this might be the most important thing to do.
      I still manage to kill things off though – I lost some favourites this winter – no idea why – very frustrating. Hope that helps! xx


  3. What a gorgeous display!

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  4. Always satisfying when our cuttings actually become plants!

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