Spotty Cushion

My D-i-l (daughter-in-law) loves spots on fabric, crockery, all sorts of things and she wanted an old cushion recovered, so I set out to make a cover I hoped she would like.

spotty cushion

When I think of her and colour, soft blues come to mind so I hoped she would like the combination:

Cloud Blue, White, Silver, Meadow, Pale Rose, and Asterdots

in Stylecraft Special DK from the Wool Warehouse, and you can also get this yarn from Deramores by mail order.DSC_0205

When the crochet was lying flat, I misjudged the amount spots needed and needed to add more – very tricky once the sides had been sewn up


Note to self: always check the design of appliqué objects before sewing up!

spotty cushion

And …….. I do believe she really did like it!

For the first time I am joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along at Small Things and I’m particularly excited as I have finally worked out how to put the proper link in a post! Now to work out how to put one in a widget in the side bar – still so much to learn!


12 responses to “Spotty Cushion

  1. Oh it’s gorgeous, such great colours and I’m sure she’ll love it.


  2. The spots are so fun 🙂 and beautiful colours!

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    • I imagine these to be your sort of colours Melissa (maybe a lighter brighter pink in the mix). I see them as calming and relaxing colours and then the spots add a bit of life.


  3. What a lovely cushion, lucky lady!

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  4. That is great. I love the way the spots look. 🙂

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  5. What a lovely idea it does really add to the basic stripes!

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  6. Hi Sandra, this is cute ! I had a craft shop on my canal boat a few years ago and I was always looking for new ways to crochet scarves. Those fancy furry yarns are all in fashion then. I used to spend a fortune at collinette yarns! I crocheted Phil a jumper, and keep saying I must start another one for him. However I have become a polymer clay addict so I have no time for knitting and crochet ! But I do enjoy yours, haha, And somehow I have to fit in willow and veg!!
    As for links.. Well done .. They are still basic for me! 💚🌟💚🌟💚

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    • Gosh I so love the colours of Colinette yarns and have a stash of it still – however I became disappointed with how it performed for children’s clothes that need washing so much – the colours faded so badly – and then a plague of moths ….. aaarghhh!!! Hence my recent switch to Stylecraft Special Acrylic – never thought I would prefer acrylic to wool or cotton, but the little b*****s**ds have forced me into it! I’m not surprised you don’t have time for knitting etc – you have such a wonderful, but I guess, demanding project there. Idyllic though!

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