Love, in love, loving

Delicious charge of wonder

Touching, holding hands

Photo Challenge: LOVE

This is one of my pebble pictures made on holiday in Abu Dhabi last year.

And another Haiku for the Haiku Challenge: prompt words Lovers and Charge.

In this one I have attempted to get the two sentences to work in opposition – the trickiest part of Haiku construction I think.

Touching, holding hands

High voltage charge of desire

Repels hurt lovers

Touching, holding hands, high voltage charge of desire.

High voltage charge of desire repels hurt lovers.


In fact, I now feel that the two Haiku work in opposition too – which gives me a slightly edgy uncomfortable feeling. Tempted to change them because of that, but have left the two together – I’ll be interested to see how you feel.

My favourite Haiku in the Challenge is from To Wear a Rainbow

Other photos in the Photo Challenge: by Jamie, I’m always on the look out for hearts in nature too; smiley, happy people from Cathy and Erika


Ronovan’s Review: “Two Haiku this week. Lot of hand holding going on. That second one works well for sure. The opposite meanings of the two sentence structure really brings out something. Really cool shell art she did.”

I’m smiling!! 🙂

And you can catch all the Reviews of all the other Haiku by  clicking here.

20 responses to “Love

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  3. I think the two haiku work well together. I love the 2nd one best. The lines do work in opposition and make perfect sense. When a couple is happy with one another caressing leads to desire but when in a fight a kiss can taste like snake oil. Ha, ha! Well done. 😀

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  5. I reread and agree with you that the two Haiku oppose one another. Well done! The picture is cute…I especially like their hats 🙂

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  6. Love both, and your photo is so cute!

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  7. Such a lovely pebble and shell picture. Interesting reading your haikus. I used to write poetry but never tried a haiku.

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    • Thank you. I am waiting for a time when I can get back to making pebble pictures – I find it such a fun, relaxing thing to do, but I need clear focussed time and peaceful surroundings …… hmmm, hard to find at this time of year!
      I like the haikus as they are a bit of a puzzle, if you are keen to try them out, click on my link to the challenge and follow Ronovan’s link to ‘How to write a Haiku’. xxx


  8. Love the pebbles and shells, such as a nice interpretation of Love

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    • Thank you Cathy, I see them as Granny and Grandchild. I was looking for another picture I had in mind, when I came across this one and thought – Yep – That’s it!
      Will you be entering this week? 🙂


  9. Oh I love the first Haiku and the pebbly pair that goes with it. 🙂

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