Wednesday Walk Along with Bluebells in the Mist

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And for Gothic effect ….



Also joining in with the Wordless Wednesday Crew

And you can walk along with Crafternoon Treats around Scarborough, and have a Weekend Wander in Australia, and explore with Alisa Burke in Oregon .

I’d love to know if you prefer to see all the photos listed like this or if you prefer to see them in a slideshow.

Where have you been wandering?


9 responses to “Wednesday Walk Along with Bluebells in the Mist

  1. Murtagh's Meadow

    Love the magical feeling those misty bluebells, delicate fresh leaves and trees silhouettes create. Truly stunning!

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  2. I love the eerie effect of the mist – magical! And the photos just like this. 🙂

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    • Thank you for the feedback, it’s so good to know, everyone, so far feels the same, so I’ll steer clear of the slideshows! The mist turned out to be a plus in the end, I think. One of those ‘bad news, turning to good news’ situations. Glad you like the eeriness too!

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  3. Just like this. The mist on the bluebells certainly adds a touch of the unusual. Lovely pictures.

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    • So glad you like them Cathy. At first I was disappointed to have driven the 75min drive to arrive in thick mist and took photos wondering if I would share them at all. Then, once I got the pictures onto the computer, I rather liked the spooky effect.


  4. Bluebells are so beautiful, and the photos look good like that. The mist and that bit of old bark made it a little eerie though,

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