Wednesday Walk-Along around Bodiam Castle

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A bit more of Bodiam Castle in a peaceful corner of East Sussex. (from August 2014).

Also you can take a dramatic coastal walk-along with Sarah in Cornwall; a glorious visit to a rarely accessible Italian garden with Jules;

And joining in with the wonderful Wordless Wednesday crew, have a wander around this stunning Italian garden; bask in a sunny photo from Julie; enjoy Cathy’s diamonds.

Feel free to add a link to your own wonderful wanderings.


13 responses to “Wednesday Walk-Along around Bodiam Castle

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  2. I love the shot from atop the castle looking down, fourth picture. 🙂

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  3. Looks like a very solid castle. Must be a fascinating place to visit. I have had just a little wander round a local park –

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  4. We haven’t visited Bodiam Castle, your photos are lovely and the link to the national trust site very helpful. I hope we get to visit. Thanks for links too.

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  5. I love Bodiam castle, although it is forever the place where my son J aged 15 months came down with measles following his inoculation!

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    • Gosh what a memory. It is amazing how many of my memories are held in or triggered by certain locations. It feels great that you and Edwina have both been the Bodiam as well, lives meandering and meeting in time and space.


  6. I remember going there when my daughter was very young, It was a lovely day, with beautiful surroundings.

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