In a Tiny Tea-cup

DSC_0583 Oh I did have fun playing around with this teeny tiny arrangement, in another charity shop find: a miniature tea-cup and saucer.DSC_0586 There are spikes of  lavender and purple toadflax held in place by the fluffiness of nigella, and some bluey white miniature veronica blooms.DSC_0589


The even tincier cup came as a birthday present, bizarrely stuck to a hair grip.  DSC_0594 Its pinkness demanded some pink flowers, and the only ones small enough and currently flowering is the pesky Herb Robert, which is growing in abundance in my front garden, seeding itself everywhere. Just to make sure I had identified it correctly, I looked it up and hey presto! It has uses! And one can eat the leaves in salads!

I’m really very excited about that!

From ‘Edible parts: Fresh leaves can be eaten or tossed into a mug to make a tea.

DSC_0571 (The tea tastes a bit like Green Tea, so of nothing much really, I added a little bit of grated lemon rind to pep it up – very pleasant.)

The flower and leaves can be dried and stored so that it can be used throughout the winter months as a tea or tossed into salads as a nutrient booster. The root can be dried and used. Rubbing fresh leaves on the skin is said to repel mosquitoes, and the entire plant repels rabbits and deer.’ And from webmd: Herb Robert is used for diarrhea; to improve functioning of the liver and gallbladder; to reduce swelling (inflammation) of the kidney, bladder, and gallbladder; and to prevent the formation of stones in the kidney, bladder, or gallbladder. Some people use Herb Robert as a mouthwash or gargle. The fresh leaves are chewed to relieve sore mouth and throat.

I might never have discovered this without taking part in Cathy’s ‘In a Vase on Monday’!   (Also, this week, in a teacup – are we telepathically linked, I wonder?)    I love the way these memes open up whole new worlds! DSC_0593 And it seems to be the home of ………….? Does anyone know what creature laid these eggs? You might just be able to see the shadow of a little spider on the stalk – spider’s eggs? cup I got completely absorbed in ‘staging’ the photos ….. DSC_0597 …… and tried these clam shells brought back from Tahiti, as a backdrop, with pebbles from Findhorn beachDSC_0600 …. and then I got lost in editing the photos and I clicked a button I didn’t mean to,  and this happened – but I rather like it – do you?DSC_0603 This little gem now sits on my bedroom window seat DSC_0606and makes me so happy in its teeny-ness!

There many are more wonderful ‘In a Vase’ posts for you to enjoy – here is a small selection by : Christina, Anca , pbmgarden and Cathy.

34 responses to “In a Tiny Tea-cup

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  2. Such a cute little arrangement! A truly tiny tea cup!!

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  3. That pink addition really made it pop! And so you, the pink 🙂 Beautiful arranging Sandra.

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  4. You are obviously good at this flower arranging. I like this the best of the ones you have done especialy the picture using the shells fo a backdrop. It is just so pretty!

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    • Thank you! I do love flower arranging, have done since about the age of 12, when I used to tag along with one of my Mum’s friends who did flowers for weddings. I don’t get many opportunities to do them nowadays, so this meme hits the spot beautifully. Thanks for telling me which photos you like, I love to know, I will be using those shells again!


  5. This is very lovely, and I do love the experimental photos… This meme really has opened up new ideas to me too! I have lots of Herb Robert (Smelly Bob!) and I dislike the smell intensely, so I don’t think I will try making tea. But good to know it is another edible in my garden! 🙂

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    • Thank you – glad you like the photos, (I spent far too much time playing around, but hey!) The smell doesn’t seem to come through in the tea thank goodness – I drink quite a lot of Green Tea and it is very similar. I’m calling it Bob tea. xxx

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  6. This is so dainty and delicate. Just lovely. Its size is just a wonder. susie

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  7. This is adorable and I love your chatty post describing your journey in making and displaying it – this is what the meme is all about. Interesting to read about Herb Robert as it grows abundantly here too and is tolerated a0 because it is a geranium and b) because it is easily pulled out when it gets over-abundant! Now I can add a c) although i don’t think much of the insect repellant idea as insects would not be the only thing it repelled! Thanks so much for sharing and ps I am pretty sure these are spider eggs

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  8. Another teacup! Now, I’m truly inspired to see if I can do something with one of mine (which see little use otherwise). Your arrangement was pretty even before you added the Geranium flowers but beautiful afterwards. I also love the shadow of the spider you caught with your camera.

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    • Oooooo – am looking forward to your teacup! Fascinating that Cathy and I both chose teacups this week (and zingy colours last week too!). Thank you for your lovely comments. i only noticed the spider when I saw the picture on the post! Have a happy flower filled day! ❤


  9. Wonderful arrangement, the beauty of small things!

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  10. Those flowers arranged in that little teacup look adorable! You are so creative 🙂

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  11. This is a beautiful vase with so much texture and perfectly displayed in and amongst the shells…and such interesting info about the tea too!

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  12. Beautiful teacup arrangement! Herb Robert is taking over my garden too. I drink the leaves as tea sometimes, and quite like it. Haven’t tried it in salads. Not sure about the eggs, but I think they look a bit big for that tiny spider. Best wishes x

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    • I wonder how many people drink Herb Robert tea? I’ve never met one before! Yes, I quite like it too, i usually start the day with a Green Tea, so whilst this little invader is around i might enjoy him in an early morning cuppa. I was wondering if that ickle bitty spider had just crawled out of a similar nearby egg, coz like you I thought it too small to have laid the eggs. xxx

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  13. I love your teacup flowers, especially against the shells. So incredibly pretty.

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    • Cathy, thank you for letting me know which ‘stage set’ you like the best, that is just the feedback I love. I have always enjoyed flower arranging (since about 12 years old) – and rarely get a chance to share it now-a-days – this is such a great way to join with other creative minds such as yours!


  14. Pretty, very pretty indeed.

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