WednesdayWalkAlong in a Walled Garden

In a Walled Garden in Manorowen, West Wales (a walk I did a few weeks ago).

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A wonderfully magical air of neglect mixed with love of place, fantasy and forgotten dreams.

And you can walk along with Crafternoon Treats around Scarborough, and have a Weekend Wander in Australia, and explore with Alisa Burke in Oregon; and Melissa in Ireland

Also joining in with Wordless Wednesday.

Please feel free to put a link to one of your walks so that we can walk along with you.


12 responses to “WednesdayWalkAlong in a Walled Garden

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  2. What a beautiful place. All that green, looks like somewhere the fairies might live! 😊

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  3. I love how everything has twined with nature and seems completely where it belongs.
    I’m wondering what is that lovely flower, second pic from end? Reminds me of a lilac.

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  4. What a lovely partly wild garden!

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  5. I love the pretty flowers, and the caravan tucked away in the corner!

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  6. I love walled gardens and as I was reading I thought it seemed familiar and yes I have visited. We have had a couple of holidays recently staying at Castell Farmhouse, a NT holiday cottage not far away. The coastline here is beautiful too and there is another wonderful garden nearby at Dyffryn Fernant.

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    • I’m with you on the walled gardens – cosy, enclosed, a little world of its own. I’m excited that you know it! And I’m thrilled to know there is the Dyffryn Fernant garden in the same area – thanks for that – I will definitely pay that one a visit when in the area again. You are so right about the coastline – breathtaking!!!


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