In a Vase on Monday – Magenta with a dash of Lime

DSC_0585 DSC_0592 vase

I needed something to block out distracting items in the background – just the thing! a breast cast. This was made when a friend of mine was about to have breast surgery. She gathered a group of her friends together on the eve of the operation for a beautiful informal evening of love, laughter and making breast casts together using Mod Rock. We met later to celebrate the successful surgery and we each painted our breast casts.


I thought the bottle was too prominent so surrounded it with old bottles I gathered from a hedge next to the ancient thatched cottage I lived in 1973 – 81.DSC_0591

Feverfew was added for texture and the acid-lime green of its leavesDSC_0579

a hint of yellow from  ………… ? no ideaDSC_0582 (1)

a bee’s eye view

(I’ve never noticed the hairy entrance before – oh lawks! there really is something very sexual about flowers – apologies, I’m a Scorpio – I can’t help it, Edwina will understand! See her Whacky Word Wednesday post and entertaining follow up video – word= Concupiscent.   Too much??!!! Surely not!)

DSC_0583 DSC_0585 (1)Magenta and lime green with a hint of yellow is one of my favourite colour combos at the moment – kinda sets my teeth on edge and delights in equal measure.

Thanks as always to Cathy for hosting this fascinating meme. Pop along over to see many more wonderful flowers arranged ‘In A Vase on Monday’.

Update: the yellow flower is Sisyrinchium striatum  (thank you Christina.) How am I ever going to remember that!

20 responses to “In a Vase on Monday – Magenta with a dash of Lime

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  2. Lovely colour combination. It sounds like a cocktail and the pretty collection of little bottles continues that theme nicely!

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  3. What great post – the extras we get with the vases just add another dimension to it and adds to the joy. I am so glad you were able to find time to do this and for showing how even vases simply put together will bring pleasure. My sister has made a throw appliqued with the cups of her bras after her double mastectomy.

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    • So glad you liked it Cathy, I love the way you have led the way with the props being part of the post – it makes for endlessly fascinating stories from all of us. What a fabulously bonkers appliqued throw that must be – an amazingly fun, creative and positive project. Please send your sister my very best wishes. ❤

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  4. I love the foxgloves, one of my favourite flowers, the added bottles are lovely too, some things that are thrown away can be enjoyed by others.

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  5. Reading this in bed was probably not a good idea. I am a scorpion too. A cocktail someone suggested, a hint of gin. Love the colour combination and the bottles!

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  6. Magenta with a dash of lime sounds a bit like a cocktail to me 🙂 A tasty one at that!
    I would always call this shade of green ‘chartreuse’ after becoming familiar with it some many years back along my seamstressing journey. Ironically, the colour shade evolved from the liqueur by the same name. Go figure!

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    • Now what Magenta coloured drink would go with Chartreuse and lime – I see a two tiered drink. Chartreuse is a delicate flavour if I remember rightly, it was one of my husband’s favourite drinks, he usually got a bottle for his birthday.

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      • I only ever knew it as a colour until yesterday when I googled to double check spelling before sending you reply. Imagine my surprise when I saw it was a liqueur after commenting that it sounded like a cocktail…no coincidences!

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  7. Somewhere or other I have book entitled something like “Sex and Botany” which describes the scandal when it was realised that botanical taxonomy is based on flower sex!! It sounds much dirtier than it really is!

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    • Ha ha! I was just listening to Germaine Greer’s conversation with Martha Kearney at Hay Festival – ‘Sex and Botany’ could have been the title – worth listening to though! xx


  8. You did a beautiful job with the staging. The breast casts are a wonderful idea. I have (yet another) friend dealing with breast cancer now – I suspect she’d be thrilled if a group of us flew into Phoenix from LA for a party like that.

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  9. I had never seen a breast cast before and love the idea….and the color combo is wonderful of course I love your description of it setting your teeth on edge and delighting all at the same time. Now to your vase…perfection….I wish I could get foxgloves to grow more here…

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    • Thank you for your comments – if you Google ‘Breast Cast’ there are many amazingly beautifully decorated ones. I do love tall spiky flowers and stick with foxgloves as they look after themselves, delphiniums, which I also really like are always falling over and being eaten by things! So I don’t even try with them any more.


  10. Ha ha ha! Yep! I think you might be right! 😉


  11. I like the colour combo, magenta with a dash of lime, especially when you add just a little of my favourite colour yellow into the mix…beautiful.
    Ooooh I get what you mean about flowers being sexual,,,that last photo looked like an open invitation to me! I think us two might have got some issues! Ha Ha HA! 🙂

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