A Throw for Miss E

Seeing their Mum’s bedspread in progress, Miss E and Master R have both requested blankets for their beds. I like to have a portable project on the go, to pick up in odd moments, so I am happy to oblige. Miss E (aged 7) asked for turquoise, blue and yellow so I created this sample for her.DSC_0586 But she said she would like it to be paler, and seeing the very pale and purply pink yarns she added them in as well. These colours, which look very Spring-like to me … DSC_0588 She wants it to lie on top of her duvet and not to go over the sides of the bed as she is in a top bunk. She chose the ripples going lengthways. I have completed the main body of the throw and edged with a few rows of double crochet (US),DSC_0587 And am now making the border of daisies that Miss E says she would likeDSC_0590I do like doing lots of little squares all the same – very relaxing

The pattern used is a free one on Ravelry.DSC_0589 (1)Making them into an edging is another matter. I know I said I was never going to do a border of squares again!!!! But I think I have found a way to make it easier to work out how many to do to get a good fit – I’ll let you know! And Miss E did ask so sweetly, I just could not resist, what a push-over!


19 responses to “A Throw for Miss E

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  3. Beautiful, and Miss E’s colour choices are spot on!

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  4. Looks lovely! Loved the colors!

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  5. The soft colors are really pretty – and I like the vertical ripple. That works really well on a narrow blanket. Can’t wait to see the flower-squares bordering it. Don’t forget to take a picture of it for us!

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    • I was so pleased Miss E chose the vertical ripple – fewer ends to sew in! And yes it seems to work well. I will certainly be taking photos to share of the edging – however it might be sometime! It’s those finishing things that take the time. Thanks so much for dropping by Becki.


  6. Isn’t Miss E lucky that you can interpret her ideas so well. I think the blanket is really sweet and I love the daisy squares.

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  7. Although I love bright colours, I actually think the paler throw is lovely. Added to that, the beautiful daisies that you have made and Miss E is going to have a wonderful throw to be proud of 🙂

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  8. Miss E has obviously got you wrapped round her little finger! 🙂 Going to be a lovely sweet blanket.

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  9. Daisies were Miss E’s choice, they work well don’t they. Yes! She is lucky! But then so am I! I love to hear her ideas – she has some great ones!


  10. I love the colours and the daisies are very pretty. Lucky girl.

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