A love list

Edwina has invited/challenged 10 of us to make a list of 10 Loves and 10 Hates.

I could probably write a 100 LOVEs, but hates are more tricky – ‘Hate’ is a strong word.

Here goes:


1. Witty Banter. Though it often gets me into trouble!

2. Dancing – especially jive. I learnt to jive by going to Ceroc and Mojive classes about 30 years ago. My teenage sons and daughter came with me, so we can still have a jive together on the all too rare occasions we are all in the right place at the right time. One of my fondest memories is being at a party and seeing my son jiving with my Mum (then in her 70s), who called it Jitterbugging – the look on her face – it was like she was 16 again.

3. My children and grandchildren of course! It amazes me how the capacity for love expands as each new little being arrives in the family.

4. Birdsong, especially that of the Mistlethrush. (image from the internet)


5. Starting and planning a creative project.

My favourite creative project of all time was my daughter’s wedding. She wanted ‘Fairy-Woodland with Sparkles’ – and we had a wonderful year planning and collecting for this truly magical day. maxHere is my son-in-law helping out with the decorating of the marquee for the wedding reception – I had asked for some ivy!

6. Zingy colours – especially combos like scarlet and turquoise, or pink and orange.

7. Sparkles and Twinkles – I leave trails of glitter.

8. The view out of my bedroom window.DSC_0579Taken earlier this week at about 6.00am. That white ‘dot’ you can see on the ground to the left of the telegraph pole is some kind of hawk. (I must treat myself to a zoom lens!) It looked quite like a buzzard, but with a very white front and white fluffy legs. I spent ages watching it through the binoculars as it waddled around eating stuff in the ground – curious! I couldn’t make out what it was – any ideas?

9. The Welsh Coast.

Well almost anything Welsh really. My Mum is Welsh and I was very close to my Welsh Grandfather. The second home of my heart is Solva.

10. Gardening.

Especially self seeding flowers, taking cuttings, pricking out seedlings, DSC_0581making compost and eating fresh fruit and veg from the garden.


1. Ticking clocks – I did a whole session about them in therapy once.

2. Loud noises – I recently had a hearing test and my hearing was so acute that the Consultant looked at me with awe and asked what job I did with hearing like that – which makes me wonder what job I could have done with hearing like this!

3. Housework – I’d rather be painting or crafting or doing almost anything else.

Hmmm ……….   ???? No, I just can’t think of any more. There are no creatures or foods I hate. All the other things I thought of were nasty traits in human beings and they are so horrid I don’t want them to appear on my blog! So I am going to have to leave it there, sorry Edwina!

What are your Ten Loves? (And Hates too of course if you like!)

Pop on over to see Edwina’s List.


11 responses to “A love list

  1. I am with you, or sailing parallel to you on most of your loves. I would substitute the Highlands of Scotland, especially the view coming over the Struie towards Bonar Bridge, the home of my recent ancestors (Mum, grandmother….).

    As for hates, I would add in cliches, especially in business meetings and in broadcasting. The TV news is the worst!

    I’ll try to find time to compile my own list later.

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  2. Thank you so much for taking part. I really loved your ‘love’ list. I am definitely with you on the ‘zingy colours’ and the sparkles and glitter. A girl can never get too much of that! I found it more difficult to come up with the ‘hates’ and at least you managed some! 🙂

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  3. Love your loves, but I love ticking clocks. I shall have a think about my list.

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