Wednesday Walk-Along in Netherbury

Here, as promised, a glimpse into the gardens of Netherbury. Such a quaint village, you just want to wrap it up and take it home with you. Quintessential Dorset, with views to the surrounding hills at every turn, and a cream tea at the end of it – what could be more perfect for a summer stroll, starting at the vertiginous steps leading down from the church ….. DSC_0583 and into the villageDSC_0584 with the invitation to enter some truly beautiful gardensDSC_0611 what is this little beauty?DSC_0588 I’d love to knowDSC_0590 gardens basking in the sunDSC_0591 DSC_0594 and here a mint bug, so shiny and jewel-likeDSC_0596 DSC_0601 and a lantern treeDSC_0599 DSC_0599with squidgy lanterns that felt all rubbery in the shrubbery.DSC_0600 … some neat ideas – like this one – sedums covering the log storeDSC_0602 always looking out to gorgeous viewsDSC_0603 or in to gorgeous viewsDSC_0609 and seeing delicate clematis I’ve never seen before, one was called MarjorieDSC_0612 aaah! ……. quiet corners in which to sitDSC_0614 rampant climbers tumbling over walls togetherDSC_0620 DSC_0621 take a sniff …..DSC_0622 ……  a heady mix of scentsDSC_0624 sweeping lawnsDSC_0625 sunny wallsDSC_0627 shady nooksDSC_0635 sunlight through acersDSC_0636 an old farmhouseDSC_0643and then on to the highlight ……. The Old Mill….. ………..    I’m going to save the photos of the Old Mill for a post all of its own – tantalising! yes! that place has lodged in my heart…….


for now you are in for a treat: go for a wonderfully interesting Walk-Along with RainbowJunkie around Old Sarum.

And an Arty walk along in Harlem Where have you been a-wandering? Please leave a link to your walk, it would be lovely to wander along with you where ever you are.

Update: From the Gardener’s World website- The mint leaf beetle, Chrysolina herbacea is a native, iridescent green beetle that feeds on the leaves of the mint family in the south of the UK. Both the adults and their fat, black larvae feast on the foliage.

25 responses to “Wednesday Walk-Along in Netherbury

  1. Very lovely gardens, what a treasure, thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  2. What a lovely place for a stroll! The buildings and gardens in England are so much more picturesque than here in the U.S. Also, sorry if this is a silly question, but is “cream tea” just tea with cream in it or is it something else?

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  3. Breathtaking photos. I almost felt as if I were walking along the Netherbury landscape with you. Such a picturesque little place. 😀

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  4. What a beautiful place. To me Dorset is one of the most beautiful counties in the UK. It had got the lot, the lush, green countryside as well as some beautiful sandy beaches.

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  6. What lovely gardens, I do like a wander around places like this. We get those shiny beetles in our garden too, now I know their name! x

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  8. Such a wonderful time of year for a garden visit. The photos are wonderfully framed. Those mint bugs would make me crazy! They are quite content with their full bellies 🙂

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    • I absolutely LOVE this time of year to see UK gardens, and we have loads of village Open Garden events in this area. The lady of the garden seemed to welcome her jewel-like visitors, she pointed them out to me when she saw me with my camera as she thought I might like to take a photo – sweet! and of course she was right.

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  9. They are really beaustiful gardens. Thank you for sharing. Oh but that poor mint!

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  10. Murtagh's Meadow

    Oh to have a lovely clear pond like the one above. Such inspirational gardens. Lovely.

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  11. I did so enjoy your walk and appreciated all the step-by-step guidance using your words. Wonderful!

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  12. Beautiful gardens. I really enjoyed the walk. We have been exploring a castle today. Post shortly coming.

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