Edgy Decisions


I have crocheted all these little daisy squares to go round the edge of the throw for Miss E.

Design Decision 1: I was intending for them all to have pale yellow centres. When I showed Miss E she requested that they had different colours for the centres.

Design Decision 2: When I lined them up around the blanket I wondered if they were a bit too much. With hindsight I think I would have crocheted another round of pale blue to give more space around the daisies. I did some plain squares to go in alternately.DSC_0579

Miss E had the choice, and she has chosen solid daisies.

Design Decision 3: We could have daisies scattered on the surface and sewn on, or leave the ripples as they are.

When I first suggested this Miss E put her head slightly on one side and said , “that might be a bit over-the-top Granny, let’s wait and see”, as if she has learnt that Granny needs reining in on her crazy ideas sometimes!!!

Having seen them as in the first picture she is now considering it, but still wants to wait and see what it looks like once the edge is on – wise girl – one step at a time!

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What design decisions are you making today?

13 responses to “Edgy Decisions

  1. Cute, cute! It might be a little much with solid daisies but, it’s a blanket not a shirt, so you can go a bit wild.


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  2. I love reading how you and your granddaughter are collaborating on the final look of the blanket. However you finish it up, I’m impressed. It really is gorgeous.

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    • Thank you Becki, it is fun having discussions with anybody about design and other creative things, and I especially enjoy co-creating with children and being able to bring their ideas to life – so glad you enjoy it too. xx


  3. That is looking really good, My personal preference would be to have just daisies around the outside with no plain squares in-between, but then I am a bit over-the-top as well! 🙂

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  4. I’ve been making a new bookmark – post on Monday – and lots of questions about that! I know what you mean about flowers being better with more space between at least that is what I decided when I made my ‘flower cloth’. Just to say I tend to go with Miss E re the scattered daisies, pretty as they might be.

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  5. My first thought was to add daisies to the blanket, she could be right, sometimes less is more. Wise girl!

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