DSC_0600baby gabbling

locks love in deep as nectar

inside a flowerDSC_0606


Phew, it was touch and go whether I could combine the two challenges this week:

Photo Challenge: BLOOM

Haiku Challenge: GAB and LOCK

I have three A4 sides of paper covered with scribblings and scrubbing out, I went down some dark allies with those two words and could not seem to find my way back into the light and to linking them with BLOOM. I considered abandoning the Haiku challenge – but determination kicked in, it is a challenge after all, and at last I made it. Haiku traditionally take inspiration from nature so I think it works.


I hope it feels as if the Haiku is ‘locked‘ between the photos

This is the first year I have succulents flowering outside. They look like aliens from another planet, but the colours are gorgeous, with a soft ‘bloom‘ on them.


This week’s entries in the Photo Challenge: Erika, smell those lilies; Garry’s rose; Jamie‘s hot colours, beautiful light; Cathy’s Plan A and Plan B, which would you choose?; Melissa’s blue bells, but not bluebells.

It’s not too late to join in!

This photo was standing by as understudy, and rather than discard it I thought I would give it its moment and let it take a bow.

DSC_0604Gosh how I love that colour!


Next week it is time to get HOT for the Photo Challenge!

27 responses to “Bloom

  1. Lovely haiku and photos too. Really enjoyed them.

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  2. “baby gabbling” – so love that phrase, nice haiku!


    • Thank you Janni. I was kinda relieved when I got there with the ‘baby gabbling’ so it is extra special that you like the phrase. Gab has got the be the hardest word he has thrown at us so far! Thanks so much for dropping by.

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  4. Your Haiku definitely works. Succulent flowers are very interesting but I’ve never seen this one before. Your understudy photo is fascinating also. Two great choices but I can understand why you chose the one you did– it really works with the poem.
    And I love your ‘blue bells but not bluebells’ description.

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  5. Great job at combining the two challenges. That could not have been easy. Phew, is right. Ha, ha! Loved the haiku––very dulcet. 😉

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  7. Oh I do like those succulents (I have never heard of them before, what a great name). They are really odd-looking but beautiful all the same, You cracked it with the Haiku too! I like the direction you went in with those tricky words! 🙂

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  8. Gosh your bloom is exquisite. Love it.

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  9. This is probably a very stupid question, but put it down to me being a relative newbie—is the challenge to include the actual two words in the haiku, or just the idea of the two words?
    I’ll still carry on writing a haiku that includes the two words of the challenge because it’s more…challenging, but I might use the meanings as well to get another haiku out of it if that’s allowed too.

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    • Not a stupid questoion at all – something I too have wondered about. I haven’t been doing the Haiku Challenge a very long time, just a few months, I still feel like a newbie. I looked at others and saw what they did. Like you I try to use the exact words, or very near, others use words with similar meanings. It seems both happens and is ok. You could ask Ronovan for his opinion on it. Good luck! It’s fun isn’t it!


  10. Good haiku! Like it 🙂

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  11. Lovely haiku, and the pictures are beautiful – my favourite is the last one 🙂

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