In a Vase, Hot and Haiku

I am celebrating a return to the internet! I have only been without Wifi since Friday but is has felt much longer! So I am combining not two but 4 challenges/ memes in this one post by way of holding a blogland party and inviting you all round for a get together. So help yourself to a glass of something long and cool and have a good mingle.

First meet Jamie’s Photo Challenge  crew with HOT as the theme this week.


Then meet the wonderfully creative band of gardeners In a Vase on Monday, hosted by Cathy who has written such a beautifully poetic description of her vase this week. Click on the link to see many other arrangements each with a story to tell. Here’s my vase, a day late I know but I didn’t want to miss out!


Each person says a little about, not only the plants in the vase but also about the staging and bits and pieces to go with the arrangement. To add to the heat I crocheted a Mandala Wheel mat from Lucy’s tutorial at Attic24. This means I can join in with the Yarn Along at  Small Things as well! along with the Haikumily (Haiku family) below this makes a quartet of delights. Enjoy!


Red and orange ‘pebbles’ from a garden centre hold the stems in placeDSC_0627

and the quirky Ross Emerson candlestick I found in Beer


all sit on a gloriously regal purple velvet throw, cape, shawl my children gave me, which feels so luxurious to drape oneself in on a cool summers evening.DSC_0613

The vase now sits happily amongst the houseplants atop the wood burner, symbolising the flames of fires past.

The pot is filled with Kniphofia, or Red Hot Pokers, mare’s tail which is really a weed but a rather extraordinary plant which was around when dinosaurs walked the earth and I was pleased to discover does have Medicinal uses for Mare’s Tail and you can eat it. (Update: I tried to eat it! The taste was fine, quite bland, but it was too fibrous to chew. I will try again with the very new shoots next spring, but I’m not very hopeful!) And then some orange flowers, which may well be another weed – I’d be happy if anyone knows their name. (Update: the plant is called Orange Hawkweed)

And now let me introduce you to Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge posse, a wonderfully supportive band of poets and writers. Our prompt words this week: GAIN and HOUND.

Melissa and I always combine the Photo and Haiku Challenges. Melissa suggested it (great idea) and now I can’t imagine doing one without the other. Here’s mine:

Hounded by deep thoughts

Like red hot pokers burning

Through pain to gain peace

The two sentences work like this:

Hounded by deep thoughts, like red hot pokers burning

Like red hot pokers burning through pain to gain peace

17 syllables in a 5,7,5 format.

Pop over and see what others made of the words.

Hope it did not spoil the party mood, just couldn’t help where the words took me.

Other Photos in the Weekly Challenge: Jamie’s Hot and Hotter; Cathy’s, great minds think alike; Garry’s could also be in next week’s LETTERS.

Other Haiku: Alka has written not one but 4! and they all fit together, I’m in awe!

Happy Mingling!


Photo prompt next week: LETTERS. You are more than welcome to join us!

22 responses to “In a Vase, Hot and Haiku

  1. I like a good haiku, and those fiery flowers are eye-scorching. Your Attic 24 mandala really compliments it. Funnily enough I’ve just made one this week too, in shades of pink 🙂
    Cathy x

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    • How lovely to have the Attic 24 mandala connection. I am thinking of making more in different colour ways to go with the Vase on Monday meme. Pinks would definitely be a good one. Thanks so much for dropping by.


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  4. I too am impressed with combining the challenges – but that is a challenge in itself which is exactly the sort of thing that appeals to me…might look into the haiku challenge although not sure I can squeeze anything else in! Your hot hot hot display is wonderful and it was lovely to hear all the different elements. Is your kniphofia a short variety, or are the pictures deceptive? Thanks for sharing everything anyway!

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    • Thank you Cathy. Oooh yes do have a look at the Haiku Challenge, it would be great to have you along – I’m fairly new to it, but there is a very supportive ‘community’ in the Haikumily as Ronovan has called us, his Haiku ‘family’. I can see why you feel you might not be able to squeeze it in though as it must take loads of time looking at all the lovely vases and communicating with all of us – but it would be really great if you were able to join in. Warning! It just as addictive as Vase on Monday! Worth it though.
      The kniphofia is normal size I think, growing to about a metre high – I just cut it short for the vase. I’m thrilled with it this year, up until now the clumps have been tiny with only about 3 blooms, but this year there are masses! Looking forward to Monday already!


  5. sometimes we need to pay a high price to have peace!

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  6. You’ve created magic with your hot-colored floral arrangement against the cobalt blue background. I wish I knew what the second orange flower is myself – I love it.

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    • Thank you Kris. What a lovely comment! I do love to create magic – so if I have managed to do that I am delighted!
      I am on a mission to find out that little flower’s name! It seems quite like a daisy in many respects.


    • Just discovered it is called Orange Hawkweed, or common name, Fox and Cubs, or Devil’s Paintbrush – phew! isn’t the internet wonderful!


  7. I LOVE IT! wow so lovely.

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  8. Your absence didn’t go unnoticed 🙂 I was hoping to hear that you had won the lotto and flown off to an exotic land…..perhaps some day!

    Is all well done. Nice to see the red hot pokers, as my chickens got into mine this year and they didn’t come to be. Such a lovely and showy flower. I really like the final photo with all the life and colour. Your Haiku, excellent!

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    • I do dream of a big win and an exotic adventure! But I don’t do the Lottery – twill have to be a Premium Bond – as you say – one day – and then, first of all I will stop off to see you as I head west – starting with Mexico I think. Nice to run with the fantasy …….
      This is the first year the ‘pokers’ have shone and I’m glad to have discovered they make great cut flowers – never knew that before.
      Glad you like the haiku – I think I managed all the elements this week and it is such great fun to mix it in with the photo challenge. I enjoyed this week’s.
      Hope all is well in your world and you are finding the energy to keep up with all you have to do – I think of you often as I remember having young children and also going out to work – like spinning plates at times. xx


  9. Welcome back! I wondered where you had gone. Beautiful orange, red and yellow colours for ‘hot!’ You are so artistic with your arrangements, love the crochet mat you made as well. Clever haiku using the ‘red hot pokers’ as part of it as well as the words Ronovan gave us. 🙂

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  10. Gorgeous colours, and so impressed by all those challenges in one. The top of your stove looks fabulous. I should do something with ours.

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    • Thanks Cathy, it was fun to think I could combine them all – not sure it will work so well another time, although I am hoping ‘Letters’ and the Haiku are made for each other next week. Glad you like the top of the stove, it’s great when I know I will not have any more fires and can cover the wood-burner with houseplants. I’m wondering about crocheting a cover to tuck its blackness away, but that might look a bit naff – work/thoughts in progress.


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