Bluedaisyz Photo Challenge. This week’s prompt: LETTERS
DSCF5420 (1)

Taken on holiday in Abu Dhabi 18 months ago, when I had the luxury of many happy hours making patterns and letters with shells on the beach. (I  have lots of letters, hearts and little messages and have wondered about selling the pictures as Jpegs in my Etsy shop.)

Others in the Photo Challenge: You just must go and have a look at Cathy’s entry this week! Brilliant!; here’s Jamie’s take on the subject. Just 3 of us this week. We would love to have more join in.

I had already chosen this photo when the prompt words for Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge popped up: FUTURE and GIVE

so here we go

Till the tides are still

Now, future and forever

I give you my love


Photo challenge subject next week : CLOSE

A good one – two meanings, no wait, 3 meanings .. and is making me think. I like the way I now look at scenes and objects wondering if they would fit in to the photo challenge each week. I look at the world from a new perspective, which, for me, is what creativity is all about.

Update: I decided to give it a go and have put the picture in the Etsy shop just to test the waters so to speak. I’m thinking it could be printed off and stuck on the front of a fun greetings card for an engagement or anniversary. Or it can be printed out and framed as a present. But how to price it? Tricky – I’ve gone for £1.25 which is just under $2. What do you think?


32 responses to “Letters

  1. Wowwww.. The letters with the shell and the lovely haiku won over my heart ❤
    Beautiful 🙂

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  3. Beautiful lettering! Loving the seaside link!

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  5. Or it could be printed out, pasted to a board backing and made into a puzzle. There are places you can actually load the image to and they will create and ship the jigsaw puzzle to you. 🙂

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  6. I love the picture! Your haiku is quite romantic and dulcet. Loved it! 😀

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  7. What a perfect heart ❤ I just love this ❤

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  8. I love this picture with the shells and the way you can see some faint footprints in the sand too. Brilliant! And £1.25 is a very reasonable price for a card with such a unique image on it.

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    • Thank you Eleonora, so glad you like the photo. Thank you for your comment on the price – it is always hard to know how to pitch these things. It is not being sold as a made up card, but a picture for the buyer to print off and make a card or cards of their own, so I hope that is a realistic price. It will be interesting to see if anyone goes for it! Thanks so much for dropping by. xx

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  9. Lovely letters, I won’t be able to post mine till Saturday but it will be worth the wait!!

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  10. Thank you Edwina, I so loved making those shell pictures – very meditative.


  11. This is a really pretty image, I did not realise you had an Etsy shop, where is that on your blog? Do you mind me asking, how do you put your “signature” on the bottom of your photos?

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    • Hi Julie, thanks for asking. The Etsy Shop can be found by clicking on SHOP in the PAGE titles above the header photo, and here is a link: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/WildDaffodil?ref=si_shop

      I want to put a link in a side widget on the Home Page but haven’t worked out how to yet – always more to learn!

      Re the signature – There are several watermark apps you can download from the internet apparently and I intend to look into them for a more professional look but in the meantime I export the photo to my Desktop (I am working in an Apple lap top), open the photo in Preview and then click on TOOLS. In the drop down menu I go to ‘Annotate’, and then ‘TEXT’. Then along to top line there is a squiggly icon for ‘signature’. Hope that helps!


  12. Lovely arrangement and haiku. Not sure about the pdfs but you are certainly very creative. Pics would make nice birthday cards.

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  13. That is a lovely photo; such pretty shells. I love the haiku as well, the words fit perfectly. 🙂

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