Bluedaisyz Photo Challenge this week the subject is BLACK, but I mistakenly entered my ‘black’ photo last week, so last week’s subject SCENT is what I am entering today.

Luckily, I have had this sitting in my ‘drafts’ as I am still ill with really the worst virus I have ever had the misfortune of coming in contact with and my brain is still very fuzzy.

Miss E has a particularly acute sense of smell and spent one morning going round my garden smelling all the plants to see which ones would make good perfumes or good teas. Here she is making Lemon Balm and Black Peppermint tea. I have always enjoyed Lemon Balm tea, but it was Miss E’s idea to add a leaf of mint – delicious!


In a tea pot put a handful of lemon balm sprigs, two leaves of peppermint and one ordinary tea bag.

Fill with boiling water.

Leave for 2 minutes, if you are not superstitious, give it a stir.

Pour into cups and enjoy.

The taste is quite sweet enough for me but Miss E likes to add a little honey.

Also good as a cold or chilled drink.

Miss E asked how we could drink this in the winter, we talked of drying, but she wanted to do something instantly, so I suggested that we put the herbs into ice cubes. She chopped them up with scissors in cup (by far the best way to chop), packed an ice cube tray with the herbs and then poured the cooled tea over them.


Photo prompt next week: SOFT. What would you photograph?


12 responses to “Scent

  1. That’s a lovely post Daffy. I am sorry that you are still poorly, and send you all my best wishes for a speedy recovery 🙂

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  2. I do hope you feel better soon.

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  3. Sorry you are still feeling under the weather. Love the post on Scent. I love the smell of mint and have my patch by the back door so the scent can waft in.
    THanks for the recipe, I’ve made something similar but without the teabag. I’ll give this version a go aswell

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  4. Hope you feel better very soon. Good idea for the scent picture.

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    • Thank you Cathy. It’s fun having the subject in mind to see if anything presents itself – although I see some tough subjects coming up – how on earth do you photograph ‘Routine’!?! Looking forward to seeing what you have found for BLACK.


  5. Sorry you are still unwell. I must try the freezing herbs idea! Peppermint sounds like it might be good for a cold.

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    • Thank you. The freezing seems to work really well. Pop a cube or two in a teapot, add boiling water, wait to brew and strain into a cup – delicious! So nice to have home grown tea.


  6. Hope you start to feel better soon… and perhaps some of that lovely herbal tea will help.

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