A Good Yarn

It is fun to join in with a Yarn Along to see what others are making. I have been joining in with Ginny, but I have felt a bit of a fraud as she asks us to share our latest yarny work and the book we are currently reading.

I don’t seem to read any more – I don’t know why, lack of concentration or something like that. However I do like to watch films and TV series on DVD

and this means I can keep knitting, sewing or doing crochet as I watch or listen.

One of my favourite DVDs is Marie Antoinette

I love its quirkiness and the colour palette – as it says “a love letter to cake”! I have watched it over and over again, pausing to wonder at the fabulous food concoctions and patterns on the clothes and furnishings – it is a veritable visual feast!DSC_0640

And my latest yarny project has been inspired by Mrs Snail, who in true Permaculture style is re-using and recycling odd bits of yarn by tying them together and making hats – I’m going to give it a go.

I’m so glad I did save all the off-cuts.

Please feel free to join me by leaving a link in the comments – I’d love to know what you are making and/or what films or other DVDs you have enjoyed.

19 responses to “A Good Yarn

  1. I am currently trying to knit a shawl as I recently heard I am going to be a great aunty! I am not getting that far with it, but have got until February! I love the idea of being able to use all the odd bits of wool to make something else.

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  2. Thanks for the mention… I have far too many bits of yarn around the place, not just the ends, but little (and not so little) balls left over from previous projects. At present (having a surfeit of tea cosies) I’m focusing on hats…I finished a very silly one last night (partly made whilst watching bake off) which I might post about later,
    As for reading and knitting/crochet… well I just can’t do it. Instead I listen to audio books. I’ve just finished Joanne Harris’ Chocolat trilogy (again) and have started one called ‘The Watchmaker of Filigree Street’… bliss whilst sitting in the limery watching the rain!!

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  3. I have tried reading and crochet (or knitting) but it is tricky! Interesting that you are going to make one of those hats. I’ve seen the picture and am looking to make something with mine but not sure what.

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  4. I recently watched ‘The Way’ on dvd starring Martin Sheen that I really enjoyed 😊

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  5. We don’t tend to watch DVDs. But is was very excited to watch Bake off last night! I tend to use my off cuts for toys! I thought that the hat by Dr Snail would make a lovely tea cosy!

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    • Ah yes Bake Off! My daughter and her friends absolutely LOVE it! And the kids love Junior Bake off and have it on the iPad to watch on long car journeys. Yes a tea cosy would be a good idea.


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