Travel Theme: Grey


St Elvis CoveGrey2







Linking in with ‘Where’s my Backpack’s Travel Theme

After seeing Cee’s Travel Theme: Grey post

That is my daughter and Miss E you can see in their wet-suits going in for a swim whilst Master R, Little Miss M and I did some exploring around the rocks.

A Walk on Wednesday.



15 responses to “Travel Theme: Grey

  1. Beautiful pictures––so mesmerizing. 🙂

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  2. Murtagh's Meadow

    Beautiful rocks

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  3. Thanks so much for the mention. The Travel Theme challenge is so fun.

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  4. These are really stunning pics Daffy.

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  5. How lovely. Wish I was there. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Really interesting rock formations. Great shots!

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  7. Absolutely stunning rock formations. Where is this location? Looks like your tag is indicating the UK?

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    • They really are aren’t they! Yes they are in a tiny tucked away cove near Solva in South West Wales, UK. i’ve been in the area many times but never seen this beach before. There is quite a walk to get to it, delightful once you are there though.

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