Holiday Snaps: Sand

We have just returned from a wonderfully magical week in Pembrokeshire, S.W.Wales.

I went with my daughter and her 3 children, Miss E, 8, Master R, 5, and Little Miss M, 3. The weather, for the first time EVER ( I have been going there for years!), was brilliant for the whole week! Only raining at night, and although sometimes windy, it was never so cold that we needed jumpers – that in itself was a minor miracle.

So we spent almost all of every day on the gorgeous beaches, building sand castles ….

sand castle

just digging …..
Master R

making picturesDSC_0715

and huge sand dragonssand dragon

and boats, and quad bikes, and even a sand sofa ……..

and doing cartwheels for the sheer joy of itVersion 2

with very little time for crochet, but it still always went with me of coursecrochet whitesands

and then there was the swimming and the rock pools to explore………


21 responses to “Holiday Snaps: Sand

  1. Just beautiful! It looks like a grand time was had by all. (I’d have to draw hearts in the Welsh beach sand, too)

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    • Just going through old emails and realised I did not reply to you. Sometimes time just skims by! I love this comment as I know you are half Welsh too. RainbowJunkie Jane has Welsh in her ancestry too. We did have a lovely time and I made an album for the children for Christmas – building up such happy memories along with the sandcastles.


  2. Hello! Lovely holiday! That beach looks amazing! I was surprised when I read the name of the location where you stayed, Pembrokeshire. I live in Pembrokeshores, FL (USA)! A happy similarity. 😀

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  3. Glad you had such a wonderful week Daffy. I hope that you are now feeling much better and refreshed from your break 🙂

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  4. What a wonderful empty beach! All that room to play and build in the sand! Our beaches here are so crowded this time of the year. It is just wall to wall umbrellas! I’m glad you had such a nice holiday.

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    • Thank you Nancy, the beaches near where I live, in southern England, are pretty crowded too – one of the reasons I love to go to Wales, especially with the little ones. Hope you are having an enjoyable summer.

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  5. Pembrokeshire has the best beaches. We’ve had lots of holidays in Stackpole and a few miles along the coast from Fishguard. Looks like you had the most wonderful time!

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    • I just looked up Stackpole – looks great. I have relations living around the Newgale area so I always go there, but perhaps I should branch out and discover other places – the coastline really is fabulous isn’t it! We are so lucky living on this beautiful island!


  6. Murtagh's Meadow

    Love the dragon – really cool!

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  7. Wonderful weather is always a blessing when going on an outing. Your photo journey tells a beautiful story.

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  8. Glad the weather was so kind – dense fog here yesterday, which was horrible, but lovely and sunny again today… you see we do have good weather in Wales sometimes (including the morning we spent at Linda’s)

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  9. What a wonderful wonderful week, sea, sand and family. Lovely memories.

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