Bluedaisyz weekly Photo Challenge: SILVER

And joining in with Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday


I am writing this in haste as I am away from home at the moment (I put the photos together before I left).


These beautiful earrings were made for me by my sister.

More about the plants and the ‘props’:

I looked in my garden for silver coloured leaves – not many – i must put that right. The ones I found were lavender, perennial white wallflower, a strange furry leaved mint that is in flower at the moment with pale lilac coloured flowers, and the tall spikes are the new growth of a cotoneaster.



Hallmark on the Calendar

S.I.Ld = the maker or firm + Stokes and Ireland, Chester. Registered in 1890

The lion = Sterling Silver

The coat of arms = City of Chester

The letter = the date it was hallmarked/made = 1747

See also Cathy’s silver seat; Olga’s, up close; Jamie’s famous tower

Next week the prompt word is PEACE what would you photograph? Another tricky challenge.

26 responses to “Silver

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  2. Beautiful as always Daffy, I love the way you display your flowers. The daisies are gorgeous. Great earrings too. Creativity obviously runs in your family!
    For ‘peace’ maybe a deserted beach, or a quiet spot in the garden, or the place where you find your peace, 🙂

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  3. I love the flowers and the props you have used this week – the reflection of the lace in the silver is very pretty. Hope you are having a good time away!

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    • So glad you like the reflection in the silver – I became fascinated with the idea of photographing different items to see how the reflections worked. I am having a lovely time staying with my son and his family, thank you for your good wishes.


  4. The silver dish really enhances the flowers. I love the silver earrings, how talented your sister is, and what a special gift. As a gardener, I especially collect jewelry and wall decorations with leaves.

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  5. The simple flowers look very elegant in their silver bowl!

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  6. Love the vase and the props…the silver calendar hallmarks are certainly interesting. Your sister is quite talented.

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  7. Yes, I like the hints at stories behind the props too – although you have told us about your sister now. Do tell us more when you can and enjoy your time away from home. The soft colours of the flowers and foliage link brilliantly with the silver – well thought out!

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  8. Nice arrangement and setting.

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  9. Nice and light, silver better than gilding the lily.

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  10. Very pretty and a lovely story behind the props.

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  11. Loved the earrings immediately then even more when I read your sister made them for you. Very special 🙂 Also love the crocheted doily! Your creation? I have some vintage ones. Enjoy your travels and your Monday. Xx

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  12. Interesting. Looks like there are stories behind the items in your photograph. And your arrangement is lovely as always!

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