A Vase on Monday – Loosestrife, Burdock and Marigold





Joining in with Cathy’s Vase on Monday, here is a celebration of self-sown purple loosestrife and marigolds with a purple blue and pink lace-cap hydrangea, sitting on a stretch of crochet that is waiting, oh so patiently, to be sewn into a cushion cover.

with some added self-sown burdock
v5the burdock is the tall, large-leaved plant in the centre of the picture below, just after I pruned off its spreading side branches


I do not yet know what to do with a large gravel area at the front of my house and have allowed things to self-seed and added a few pots. It has been a wonderous mass of plants and teems with life. The burdock has been a top bug hotel hosting zillions of blackfly, ladybirds, ants, tincy spiders, shield beetles and probably hundreds of others I haven’t spotted.

I have been fascinated watching it through the seasons


DSC_0660 DSC_0661 DSC_0663


Joining in with Cee’s ‘Flower of the day’.

And playing around with a new ‘effect’ I found on my camera ……

I see more Doodle shapes – I can see I’m going to have fun with that camera setting.


The corner to corner crochet  as it will look as a cushion to sit next to the Society6 cushions, which are made from photographs of my machine embroidery printed onto fabric.

32 responses to “A Vase on Monday – Loosestrife, Burdock and Marigold

  1. Your crochet is such beautiful bright colours. I am too afraid of colour, I always choose neutral shades or pastels. Do you use a website to coordinate your colours when you arrange them like in the stripes above, or do you simply eyeball it and choose what you like? I’m so impressed!

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    • Wow, thank you Wren, what a lovely comment! I just love playing around with colour so I do just what I like and see how it looks – I like to experiment and am not worried if I have to unpick stuff and try again. Neutrals and pastels look great, very classy and sophisticated, but I have to admit I’m a bright colour junkie!

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  2. Beautiful vases and flowers very cheery. 🙂

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  3. So bright and cheerful! I love the vase and also the crochet 🙂

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    • Thank you so much Amy – we need a bit of colour around here at the moment, it has been the wettest of wet Augusts. I’m glad you think it is cheerful, that is what I was aiming for. xx


  4. I loved this colourful vase, it reminded me of the colours of ice cream. The special effect at the end is wonderful. I’ve been playing around with time-lapse videos here, fantastic when it’s a beautiful sunset as we’ve been having in Cornwall lately.

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    • So glad you like the colour – I needed it today! So wet here! i like the reference to ice cream! Time lapse videos sound fun – aaah Cornwall, I’ve had some lovely holidays there – I especially love St Ives.


  5. I love the addition of the burdock – what a cool plant! That camera function is interesting too.

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  6. Brilliant crochet – and now we have a nice wet day for getting on with inside jobs like making cushion covers (or a million and one other things in my case!) 🙂 What a lovely little grouping of blooms and such an interesting observation of your burdock and all its visitors! The special effect photo is astonishing – how on earth does your camera do It, I wonder?! Thanks for sharing

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    • I’m with you on the million jobs to do – for me it was finishing off some knitting projects today – the cushion still waits! I agree with you about the photo effect – how does a camera do that?! I think you can do the same thing to photos in Photoshop – more technology to get to grips with…
      Thanks as always for hosting. xx


  7. I love the shape and colors and flowers in this vase…the first picture and the special effects picture really show its shape but I love the special effects as it makes the vase show off even better. That burdock is unusual and I love the look of it in spring flower.

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    • Thanks so much Donna, I was pleased with how the overall shape turned out. I agree how the photo effect enhances the shape and design elements – I’m so glad to have found it on my camera.


  8. I like the way the first photo picks up the colors of the crochet in the flowers, and the greater ease of seeing the flowers against the white walls. The special effects are great for turning them into a painting, I’ll have to look into that. I like the early flowers of the burdock with the cute pink centers. The trailing off blooms of the loosestrife give so much height and structure to the arrangement!

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    • Thank you Hannah for your thoughtful comments. I’m looking forward to using the Colour Sketch effect again, and I’m thinking the same as you about turning them into paintings. I was completely fascinated with those secretive little spheres of bristly pink burdock flowers too and watching it develop throughout the year has been such a joy.


  9. So colourful, love it! Great pictures!

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  10. Lovely summer vase. The photo effect shows off the structure of your arrangement. That effect will be fun…

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  11. So much in this post, lovely garden, beautiful crochet and cushions and pretty pretty flowers. I have lots of what did you call it loosestrife, always wondered what it was, I have pink and purple all round the pond.

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    • Yes, loosestrife has seeded itself in some damp areas of my garden, I do like its tall vibrant spires – ooooooo a pond – I want me one of those! I’m wondering whether to put one in the front gravelly garden. Thank you for your lovely comment.


  12. Oh, Daffy, I LOVE that first picture with the beautiful colours of the flowers reflected in the vibrant crochet cushion-to-be. very arty and a wonderful tonic for the rainy, thundery day we have here in Kent!

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  13. The flowers show up more clearly against the white wall but I do like the colourfulness of the first photograph with the almost rainbow crochet in the background! The effect picture is interesting too.

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    • Staging the photos is always a challenge as I seem to have no clear spaces in the house at all! I’m glad you like colourful one – it has been so dreary and wet, I felt I needed a bit of BRIGHT! I’ve been taking more photos with that special effect and will be sharing them soon.


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