A most glorious walk on Sunday: we walked along a ridge, part of the Wessex Ridgeway, and then down into the valley and along the opposite ridge which forms the horizon. I love long walks when you can see exactly where you have been.


A perfect day ends

With tears of joy and champagne

We celebrate life


Bluedaisyz Weekly photo challenge: VIEW

Ronovan’s weekly Haiku Challenge: TEARS and WINE

A perfect day ends with tears of joy and champagne

With tears of joy and champagne we celebrate life


Here’s wishing you all your very own perfect day.

Elbow and the BBC Orchestra

‘One Day Like This’


11 responses to “View

  1. Beautiful Daffy, both the view and the haiku 🙂

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  3. Gorgeous haiku! So positive and cheery! You combined the photo and haiku challenges brilliantly. The photo is great. 😀

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  4. What a lovely view, so England! B posting mine later, we have been on our jollies!

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  5. Love your haiku, and your song choice 🙂

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