Flesh coloured ticket

Tide of optimism high

Lucky numbers? – No!


Joining Bluedaisyz Weekly Photo Challenge: NUMBERS


Ronovan’s weekly Haiku Challenge: TIDE and FLESH

A favourite Haiku entry this week from Jane, and another glimpse of island life from Melissa.

Whilst Vashti and Eddie have gone for darker themes which reminds me of the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean. Here is a link to a quite brilliant, if harrowing, BBC Radio 4 Drama on the subject: ‘Our Sea’.

It is unusual for me to buy a lottery ticket, but I had found two one pound coins down the back of the sofa. I could not resist the potential clichéd story that was running in my mind, inside me is a drama queen just itching to have her day! So off I went a bought a Lucky Dip Lottto ticket for last Saturday.

I had forgotten all about it until Matt Baker, on the One Show (BBC 1 magazine programme) announced last night that there was an unclaimed ticket out there with a huge prize attached to it. The ‘tide of optimism’ was high – well why not enjoy the fantasy of how to spend a vast fortune, for just a few minutes – oh the good I could do with that money ….. the eco-house I could build …..  …..  the gifts I could lavish on family and friends……..the zoom lens I could buy …..   you know the sort of thing……

I went to the website to check the numbers.

Well obviously I didn’t win, not even one number matched, and I was just screwing up the ticket to put in the recycling bin when inspiration struck of how to combine the Haiku and Photo challenge this week – see, every cloud……!

Next week photo prompt is: SHADOW (I’m looking forward to that one)

12 responses to “Numbers

  1. Ooh! So sorry you didn’t win, my friend. Maybe next time? 😉 I was tickled by your haiku. Very good use of the prompt words. Thank you for the mention––very sweet. 😀 xx

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  3. Love the journey of finding the coins through to writing the Haiku….all things for a reason. 🙂

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  4. I love the story along with this one… maybe next time “it could be you!”

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  5. Wonderful Haiku Daffy, a very original take on the prompt words and a great story too! 🙂

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