Cal 8 – still on the edge

I have been trying to get the Attic24 Crochet Along bedspread finished for my daughter’s birthday today – but alack and alas I did not make it.


It was back in March when I last showed you the difficulty I was having fitting the border of squares.

I finished the short end by adding a row of DC (US) on each of 3 squares all in the ‘lime’ colour and spaced them evenly along the side.

I realised on sewing up it is best to have slightly less on the edge and slightly stretch the edge as you sewn it on, to prevent getting an edge that goes a bit frilly.

One short end and one long side have been attached, there are still ends to weave in and a few more squares to create, before I get to the more relaxing final few rows to go right round the blanket.

The Stylecraft Special DK Colours I’m using are: Petrol, Meadow, Saffron, Spice, Bright Pink, Lime, Khaki, Wisteria, Magenta, Clematis.

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along: Whilst working on the bedspread yesterday I listened to ‘North by Northamptonshire’ on Radio 4 Extra – a bitter sweet comedy about small town life – love it! Anyone else heard it?

❤  *HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful DAUGHTER*  



13 responses to “Cal 8 – still on the edge

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  4. That’s beautiful! Love the colors! 🙂

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  5. That is so beautiful, vibrant and colourful Daffy. Happy birthday to your daughter 🙂

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  6. Sounds as if you are gettingon well. If you’ve finished one short and one long side then you know what works which is good,

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    • Yes, I am on the home straight now, just have to work out the colour combos for the remaining squares and see how they fit together. Never again though (Miss E has requested squares on hers – but that is positively that last time I do them!!! It adds months on to the finishing time)


  7. It’s beautiful and will be worth the wait. Happy birthday to your daughter. October girls are the tops!

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    • AhHa! Have you got a birthday this month? My daughter agrees with you – but you know how it is – I did want to finish it but that little thing called life keeps getting in the way!


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