Vase on Monday – Eastern promise

DSC_0641Still following the ikebana theme …..

Some plants seem to think Spring is here, the weigela for example; and I don’t remember the arum coming up at this time of year before. Vinca, nasturtiums, polyanthus and borage are also joining in.

The pottery dish was made for me about 30 years ago by a friend of my son’s. (or was it my son who made this one at school – yikes – I’d better start labelling things, the memory is not what it was!)DSC_0638

The Eye of Horus – I have been to the Temple of Horus in Egypt, and Horus was my son’s nickname at school, so this sweet little dish carries a lot of meaning for me.

Parsley appears again, leaves this time, to hide the little spiky stem holder – it has proved to be a good substitute for moss.

The wooden doll was brought back from Japan by my sister-in-law many years ago.

Joining in with Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday meme: a wonderful community of gardeners from all around the globe – pop across to her post, she is such a knowledgable gardener, with beautiful flowers to show us each week, as well as the vases of so many other gardeners.

A clear surface this week for the photograph – usually so hard to find in my house.DSC_0640

At last I am clearing out my so called ‘workroom’ – look empty shelves!DSC_0637

The contents are all over my sitting room floor at the time of the photo, so the task this week is to sort, clear and return in such a way that I will be able to find things again.

And joining in with Cee’s Flower of the Day: Weigela


Look at those buds

Isn’t nature magic!

Do you have flowers in a vase this Monday?

Just to let you know there is Worldwide Free Shipping on at the moment in my Society6 shop – (if only I could work out how to put their logo in my sidebar). Pop in have a browse, I especially like the way the bags and cushions (throw pillows) turned out.

32 responses to “Vase on Monday – Eastern promise

  1. I adore it when spring comes unexpectedly again…a fabulous vase showing spring revisiting.

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  2. Ann Edwards Photography

    such a creative arrangement – I am fascinated by eastern culture, particularly garden design and this reminds me of the simplicity of Japanese gardens.

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  3. I am very impressed – both with your creative flower arrangement and your empty shelves! 😉 Those arum leaves are simply gorgeous. I wish I could work out how to use stem holders… Have fun with your sort- out!

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    • Ha Ha! those shelves are gradually filling up again – having fun with it, well that’s another thing altogether – not my favourite occupation.
      The stem holders are really heavy and I just put them on the bottom of the bowl, cut the stems straight across and just stick them on the spikes – it seems to work. I think you can get florists stuff like blue tack to stick the stem holder to the base if you want to use heavy or thick material. Have a go!

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  4. I do like ‘Ikebana’ as a style of flower arranging. We have a small Japanese Garden within Our Garden@19. I hope to study the books we have about Ikebana during the winter months.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

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    • Welcome Brian, thanks so much for dropping by. I was given a book on Ikebana years ago, must dig it out and read about the structure again. Like Haiku, it seems to say a lot using just a little.
      I look forward to seeing your Ikebana arrangements in a few months time.


  5. I love the pretty pink flowers and whoever did make that dish made a good job! The doll is a little unusual, but cute nonetheless! 🙂

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  6. Love the ikebana arrangement you’ve made this week – it flows so well. (My wiegela sent up a few blossoms this fall as well.) The unique dish has such a nice story and memory to go with it. 🙂

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  7. This is so simple and stylish. The pottery dish is beautiful. Can you imagine his hands forming and incising and then painting the clay? Love the colour of the weigela flowers too.

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  8. The Weigela flowers are pretty but those arum leaves are fantastic! The dish is wonderful too – your son (or his friend) showed artistic promise at a young age.

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    • It is nice to create something I enjoy looking at with those leaves – I do think they are beautiful, but the plant is a real pest in the garden, a weed that refuses to be kept in its place! I’m looking forward to finding out who made that dish so that I can pass on your kind words – neither are doing anything creative, as far as I know, now – apart from raising wonderful families of their own.


  9. How very pretty and delicate.

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  10. I love the way you have featured some stunning material…I must have a go at this style, as it says ‘poise’ and beauty to me.

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  11. Yes, here it is not just nasturtiums appearing out of the blue, either – rambling in the garden is such fun as you never know what you might discover! I love your simple ‘ikebana’ arrangement and how lovely to use a dish made (maybe) by your son – but do tell us why he was nicknamed ‘Horus’?! When material is less plentiful I must look out interesting dishes and have a go myself. Your weigela looks perfect with the unseasonal arum leaves – thanks for sharing ps I gawped at your empty shelves – until I read that everything was piled up on the sitting room floor!!

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    • Ha Ha! yes, I’ve spent most of the day trying to sort it all out and get it all back on the shelves – I’m not very good at tidying, or setting up systems of order. I’m better at tossing things hither and thither in a creative frenzy!
      My son was called Horus as a play on our surname after they started to learn Latin at school = the boys gave each other names ending with ‘us’. I told him about the Egyptian god and for a while we had fun with it and he used to write to me as Isis (Horus’s mother). Really lovely that you are interested Cathy – this meme seems to often bring back fond nostalgic memories. ❤


      • Thanks for filling me in on the nostalgia – I am always intrigued by what makes people tick 😉 Hope your floor and shelves are in a better state of balance now – meanwhile I am slowly sorting out stuff from our old bedroom drawers and wardrobes as we have recently replaced them, giving ourselves less storage space. I’ve done the clothes, getting rid of lots, but it’s the other stuff now… 😦

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  12. What a lovely arrangement! I really like the doll and the pottery dish. Love the stories behind them both.

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  13. Impressive amount of storage! The simple background goes well with the Japanese inspired flower arrangement.

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    • This is the first house in which I have lived entirely alone and it is an absolute joy to be able to dedicate a whole room to crafting – something I’ve always wanted – now to continue filling up those shelves!


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