Art Walk on Wednesday

A couple of weeks ago I went back to Cerne Abbas to do the circular walk again with art as my focus. (you can see more of the walk here, here and here)

The Giant itself is a piece of landscape artpic Giantsign

humans being drawn to make a mark on any surface they come across, even scrawling on barn doors.barn doorsWhilst walking I noticed shapes and outlines with doodles in mind

hsrt fern

hsrt fern

leaf knapweed1

… imagine that stag-horn-like petal on the left in a mandala or doodleknapweed1

Joining Cee’s Flower of the Day: Knapweed



Wood lying around, like sculptures reminded me of Anthony Caro’s work.old wood

sir-anthony-caro-table-piece,-catalan-storyBits that show signs of human history intrigue me, as well as the interaction of other creatures – can you see the cobweb in the picture below?barbsfade


Hints of Barbara Hepworth here



Two Figures (Menhirs) 1964 Dame Barbara Hepworth 1903-1975 Purchased 1964

Two Figures (Menhirs) 1964 Dame Barbara Hepworth 1903-1975 Purchased 1964

post top post1

And Chris Drury top

If you click on the photo above it will take you to my Photo Page where you can see it in more detail, especially the lichen.


The picture above is a work by Chris Drury called the Wheel of the Year


Every so often I did look up and out at the glorious landscapeDSC_0692

But mostly my camera was set to Macro.

Have you enjoyed any walks this week?


15 responses to “Art Walk on Wednesday

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  3. What a keen eye you have. Beautiful, natural works of art. The Chris Drury stump is spectacular.

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  4. I love going on these walks with you. You see art and beauty in things that many would pass by without noticing. That’s awesome. Don’t ever lose that. The pictures are great––the entire post is great! 😀

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  5. This is a wonderful post. 😀

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  6. I realise that now I go for an organised ‘Healthy’ walk on Tuesday afternoon, I am less likely to go walking on my own with a camera! I like coming with you though.

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  7. I love the circles on the tree stump. I spend a lot of time on walks looking for the everyday unusual, amazing where inspiration can strike. I will post a walk we did shortly.

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