Fun with Duct Tape

Yep! Who would have thought that duct tape could be so thrilling!

Pinterest is such a wonderful source of inspiration isn’t it – I saw a picture

and went straight to this fascinating blog: While They Snooze which is written in the US – I eagerly trawled the internet to see if I could buy patterned duct tape here too and waddaya know!


Look what the postman brought me yesterday! Sent very quickly by Screws and Fasteners, just in time for Miss E and me to have fun on Home Education day! She comes to me every Wednesday in term time.

This brand is calling it Duck Tape, but it behaves in the same way as duct tape, so it is strong and waterproof, and perfect for pencil cases or washbags, phone cases etc.

Oh how happy we were – both humming and singing and skipping our way through the day as she made Christmas gifts for friends and family – (I forgot to photograph Miss E’s makess before she took them home – drat!). I’m busy making a few more samples for her to play with next week.more tape

And Miss E got to learn how to use a craft knife safely, measuring, assessing length, testing materials to see what they are capable of, design and time management. (We also did a bit of gardening) Her imagination and ideas are always a delight and I’m sure that by next week she will have thought of many more things to make with Tape.

If you are interested to find out more there are loads of clips on You Tube too.


11 responses to “Fun with Duct Tape

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  2. Paw prints! I’m quite sure there is a perfect project waiting for paw print tape!

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  3. Murtagh's Meadow

    It does look like fun, I never knew you could get such colourful ducktape!

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  4. Ridiculously excited is how I feel about it too, Sandra! 🙂

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