Vase on Monday – Pink, White and Blue


In the empty Sparkling Saké (yum!) Bottle is schizostylis, still battling on against the storms and Tiarella Sky Rocket, which I think is supposed to flower in the Spring and has become very confused by our mild October.

Tiarella also in the little dish, which was given to me as a present in Japan. It is the custom to give exchange gifts as visitors depart. I bought the Tiarella from a stall at Winfrith Open Gardens to support the Butterfly Conservation in Dorset.

And joining it is some pink berries from what I think is a pink Symphoricarpos or Snowberry, but you might know better – anyway the bees absolutely go mad for it in late summer.

They sit on a sample of some tie-dye I did whilst I was – guess where! – hmmm –  hope you are not getting bored with references to Japan!

I had never had sparkling saké before – it is delicious and as easy to drink as lemonade, but at 16% proof one needs to be a bit careful.

It is a challenge to take a good photo today as it is soooooo dark here.

Joining in with Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday

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31 responses to “Vase on Monday – Pink, White and Blue

  1. I love Tiarella flowers – frothy and feminine, and they do look pretty in your arrangement with the pink berries. I like the colour scheme, and the sake bottle as a vase! 😉

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  2. Very nice arrangements this week! I like the low one particularly, with its blanket of moss tucked around it.
    Sake is 16%? Wow, I’d be under the table in no time! 😉

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  3. No, not getting bored! Love how the background is hazy and the vase, flowers, etc are so clear. I find it hard to focus when the subject is so delicate. That tie-dye is fabtastic!

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  4. How funny that we both chose sake bottles this week! Your little mossy garden is gorgeous too. It sounds like you are having an interesting trip, I will read some of your back posts and find out more.
    Fizzy sake sounds downright dangerous, but I enjoy hot sake for a warm drink on a cold night.

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  5. Such a lovely arrangement. I absolutely adore Tiarella, so delicate looking yet robust. How nice to receive plant gifts. Be careful with those bubbles now!

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  6. Oh yes sake is potent…lovely vases and is that moss I see in the dish too. Love the tie dye.

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    • Yes, it is moss, found on a walk in the woods. Glad you like the tie-dye, it was an experimental piece which I will tell you more about in a future post. Iy is so wonderful to be able to share my journey this way!


  7. Are you back? I’ve been reading your posts from Japan with great pleasure. Sparkling sake sounds quite intoxicating, and the empty bottle makes such a pretty vase. Your parting gift with its mossy arrangement is simply lovely.

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  8. How lovely to have Tiarella flowers in November!

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  9. What a lovely selection of flowers you found in your garden – the flowers plus the blues make a very summery photo – only the berries and the bare tree give away the real season!

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  10. Yes, my schizostylis has been stunning too – and the pink symphoricarpos is a brilliant accompaniment along with tiarella. Beautiful props and setting too – thanks for sharing

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  11. The little dish makes a great setting for the graceful Tiarella. That’s a plant I’ve tried and failed to grow here in southern California. Despite its parentage, it seems more delicate than either Heuchera or Heucherella.

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    • Heucherella! You have introduced me to a new plant – wonderful – and now it makes sense that these plants are related – I learn so much from this meme! Thank you! Sad when a plant you try does not take, but you have Heucherella, which looks pretty darn good from what I’ve seen when I looked it up online. Thanks so much for the intro and for dropping by. ❤


  12. Another lovely arrangement! It’s dark here too.

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  13. Ann Edwards Photography

    It certainly looks like Snowberry which I had no idea could be pink – I love it! I also love the Sake bottle which is something I have yet to try ….

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  14. My father brought some lovely vases from Japan…Yours with your flowers are really pretty…my Tiarella too is flowering away. Isn’t it nice to have plants that remind us of visiting lovely places?

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    • Thank you for your comment Noelle. I do so agree with you, my garden is full of lovely memories of places I’ve been to or friends that have given me plants, seeds or cuttings – I realise that most of the plants in my garden have an association with somewhere or someone – nice feeling!


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