Japan. Day Two 5: Crazy Cats and a Hare in High Heels

……I am so enjoying sharing with you my trip to Japan, here’s the next instalment ……

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After the Craft Centre we were back in the coach seeing the imposing modern architecture go byJ1

till we got to the  Amuse Museum

There were many wonderful displays in this Museum, but the exhibition that captured my attention was one of whacky, glitzy, fun paintings by Kaneda Hanaki. I just LOVE them.J5

I didn’t quite know what to think of them at first, I don’t usually go for paintings with animalsJ15

but those grumpy cats got me and wouldn’t let me go!J13

I’m so glad I took so many photosJ6 because the more I look at themJ7 the more I like them – they are funJ9

and ridiculousJ8

and funnyJ10

and crazyJ12

and I felt a little uncomfortable at the time taking all those photos without buying something, but back then I had not really got to the point of loving them enough to take that step. Going through the photos again now, I realise how they have stayed with me and might well inspire some textile work in the future.

This is the one I particularly likeJ11There is something about a hare in high heels! And it is so obviously Japanese as they are both wearing kimonos, and then there is the glitter! Oh I do SO love it.

Writing this post inspired me to email the Museum and ask if this one is still for sale. They got back to me and it is!!!!!

They have spoken to the artist and she will send it to me – I’m very excited! And I am so pleased to be supporting this fabulously talented artist. I’m hoping they will send me some information about her and her work. I’d really like to know the stories behind the paintings.


20 responses to “Japan. Day Two 5: Crazy Cats and a Hare in High Heels

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  6. You bought one! Half way through I was wondering if I could track down postcard prints from this artist… Then your post has such a happy ending. I’m really excited for you to receive it – imagine how the artist feels knowing that someone appreciated their work and that it left such an impression they pursued it. And a foreigner at that! I love your fearlessness in contacting the gallery, a lot of people would have hesitated because of the language barrier.

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    • Oh thank you Wren for your kind thoughts of helping out with getting a postcard, I’m very touched that you would think of that. Over the years, I have learnt to just go for it – if it doesn’t work out, at least I tried. The person who responded to me from the gallery has impeccable English – phew! I do hope it has given Hanaki a nice boost. xx

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  7. That picture is fabulous Daffy. I love the hare in heels and the panda in platforms!! I bet it will be the inspiration of many a project ;:-)

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  8. Very intriguing post title! I agree, this artist is certainly one to be watched, and how wonderful you’ll have a painting of hers. And your favorite one at that. The grumpy cats are grand, too, but I think you did snag the best one!

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  9. Thank you for the introduction to this artist. So often, you don’t realize you need a piece of art until you realize it has stayed on your mind long after you saw it and then it is too late. I’m glad you were able to get the hare in high heels.

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    • Thank you – I’m so pleased to think it is already on its way already, the magic of the internet. There are a few pieces of art I’ve noticed over the years that I still remember, so glad I was able to buy this one – I am surprised it did not sell at the exhibition.

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  10. Really fun paintings and great that you could buy one.

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  11. That is a very happy ending to what was obviously a great experience. Hares seem to be in vogue at the moment.

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  12. How lovely you have been able to buy your favourite picture. Thanks for sharing these most unusual works of art. Enjoyed this post enormously.

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