Vase on Monday: Happy Solstice


Seasons collide.

Pelargonium, marigold, viburnum and a lychnis all in the celadon glazed Japanese green-tea cup. The silver date card holder is there to mark the wonder of these summer blooms remaining in flower at the Winter Solstice.

A date to celebrate above all other in my world! Now the days get longer!


Happy Winter Solstice one and all!

DSC_0049 (1)

The perpetual calendar (does it have a different name) is precious to me as it belonged to the parents of my beloved step-grandmother whom I called Dabbity. As a toddler I couldn’t say Aunty Margery.

Grandad, Dabbity and I used to go and stay with her parents in a tall narrow town house in Winchester. So many happy memories – they had a basement where the laundry was done and I was fascinated to see how the water squished out of the clothes when they were put through the mangle! I loved that place, I loved them and they adored me, having no grandchildren of their own. The calendar lived on the mantlepiece and I was allowed stand on a stool to change the date each day by turning the cards – it was thrill to the 4/5/6 year old me, and somehow it still is!DSC_0055

Pelargoniums flowering outside in December – I want to be delighted, but such signs of global warming are alarming. They are growing in a pot outside my front door (crushed eggshells cover the soil).


Also in flower is this gorgeous verbascum ‘Clementine’, normal flowering time June – September.DSC_0073Still in a pot as I haven’t found the right position for it yet, I will have to provide it with more drainage than the soil in my garden allows, but I just couldn’t resist that colour combination.

And my houseplant of the week and also entry for Cee’s Flower of the Day is the Lipstick Plant, (Aeschynanthus) so called because of how the flower emerges from its bud, although my orange one doesn’t seem to do that lipstick thing.


Oooof! That colour!DSC_0065


I grew it from a cutting and it didn’t flower for a couple of years but oh boy it was worth the wait. Easy to grow, so long as you don’t leave it sitting in water when flowering – if you do, it drops its flowers in protest (I know, cos I’ve done it 😦 ). It sits in my bedroom window on a gorgeous plant stand, with side shelves, I found in a second-hand warehouse in my local town.window

I love that view, it’s why I bought the house. I write most of my blog posts looking out of this window, I’m looking out there now as I type watching the dog walkers go along the footpath and a pheasant strutting through the maize stubble – sometimes it’s hard to leave it!

Pop across to join the ‘Vase’ party that happens each Monday on Rambling in the  Garden. Such a fun meme to join in with thanks to Cathy’s wonderful hosting.

May we all look forward to peace, joy and happiness as the days are filled with more precious light.

31 responses to “Vase on Monday: Happy Solstice

  1. What a lovely profusion of unseasonal blooms this week! I have one dianthus still in flower in a pot, but that’s all. I haven’t seen one of those calendars in years – a great piece of nostalgia. 🙂

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  2. We would be spectacular together 😀

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  3. Your plants must be very happy to provide such long-term bloom! People often comment that my garden reminds them of summer but I don’t actually have summer-time blooms as you do. My Pelargoniums haven’t shown off blooms for months despite the fact our temperatures reached summer-like heights through November. Happy winter solstice!

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  4. Just amazing to see what is still in flower in your garden – I wonder if those geraniums will make it through the winter? It is hard to reconcile the summer blooms set off by the viburnum and your wintry view. I love your little calendar and the story behind it and send you best wishes on this the winter solstice day!

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    • I have brought some geraniums inside, but will leave the ones by the front door just to see what happens to them over the Winter. It is SO strange to see those flowers together isn’t it!
      Thank you so much for your Solstice wishes. ❤


  5. So amazing that you still have summer flowers blooming, and I agree, a tad alarming as well. Short term business interests are trumping long term environmental ones. Fool hardy schemes.
    I loved seeing your perpetual calendar. I have an old silver framed one that only has months and numbers, so you only change it once per month.
    Your lipstick plant is stunning as is your room with a view! I can see why you love it. 🙂

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  6. Beautiful photos! Your Monday vase is spectacular, as always….that glorious view must be constant inspiration. Loved the happy memory you shared, and the perpetual calendar is a tiny daily ritual that can bring a lot of simple pleasure. Must look into one. Happy Solstice!

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  7. Murtagh's Meadow

    Lovely vase and lovely memory, and I am with you with the Pelargoniums flowering in December!

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    • Thank you so much MM, glad you enjoyed the post.
      It’s a blessing that more and more of us care for the environment – I just hope we’ve caught it in time. I fear the next generations will look back on this one with astonishment and disgust – unless there really is a massive turn around, and quickly!
      We gardeners do our best in our own small corners.

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  8. Thanks for reminding me that it’s the Solstice today. Thinking so much about my vase and wondering what all of you might do this week that I lost track of the date. Your vase looks like summer not Dec. 21!!

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    • My de’light’ Linda!
      Worrying isn’t it – this climate malarkey – all I can do is keep on being as green as I can – so glad that World leaders are, at last, catching up with what we ‘weirdos’ have been saying for over 40 years! I really didn’t think it would take this long!


  9. Oh that vase could have belonged to a much earlier time of year – and it looks as if you had sunshine to match! Regardless of any climate change our UK weather will inevitably be variable and next winter is just as likely to be extreme – hmm, I think I would rather have something inbetween the two.. Thanks for sharing your memories with us – as you say, it adds to the joy of the meme

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  10. Love the mixed flowers in your vase and enjoyed the remembered story.

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    • Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the story, I love this meme for bringing out such memories and the opportunity to share them, as well as hear the stories from other ‘vases’ too. It brings me a warm glow every Monday!

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  11. Oh what a joyous vase…having those flowers still in December is reason enough to celebrate, but I agree the Solstice is a most special time for me too as we head to the light…..and I adore the calendar. That is priceless with memories.

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment Donna, it made me think how wonderful it would be if each antique item came with a diary of all it’s owners and their stories. I might tuck a little piece of paper in this one with this story attached so where ever it goes next, who ever has it for a while can know a bit more about it, and maybe add to the tale.


  12. I envy you your view! As to global warming. I heard something lately about the diarist Samuel Pepys complaining about a warm winter and found this page someone has written that contains some relevant quotes. –


  13. Lovely vase and a view that is just lovely.

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    • Thank you Cathy. Glad you like the vase, I like the way this meme brings out other stories and insights. Genius of Cathy (I’ve noticed there are quite a lot of Cathys in blogland!) to suggest adding little props.


  14. Ann Edwards Photography

    so amazing to see the pretty blooms you have at this time of the year! I love the calendar and the memories that go with it. I am looking forward to the lengthening days now too …

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