JP2.6: Doors and Windows


Joining in with Cee’s ‘Doors and Windows’

Tokyo, Japan.

The photo isn’t great in quality as it was taken with my little Fuji pocket camera as we were scudding past on the way to a craft shop.

See our group below, marching ahead following our guide’s distinctive yellow hat, making her easy to see amongst the crowds


A little shop window spotted along the way, with a typically sweet window display……J2a

and a street scene in another part of Tokyo, showing the narrow side street and the tangly telegraph wires that abound, all kept above ground because of their frequent earthquakes.DSCF7206

9 responses to “JP2.6: Doors and Windows

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  3. You have some great doors and windows. Thanks. 😀

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  4. Great photos Daffy. I love the door too! 🙂

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  5. Love that door and the window display. Japan really inspired you!

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    • It really did. Everywhere I looked there were things to take photos of so that I could savour them later as we sprinted round at breakneck speed! Actually the last photo was taken to remind myself of our meeting place, as I broke free from the group for a few precious moments of personal exploration.

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