blah!I am writing to wish you a wonderful day – a day full of wonder and light, and to thank you so much for being there. I absolutely love my blog, and blogging and sharing things with all you lovely blog readers. Without you it would no fun at all! You are great! You are fabulous and I love you all!!!

(Wide sweeping arm gestures! Ha!)

I really do you know!


This is a different kind of friendship, one that spans the globe, and one that feels really very special, full of positivity and support. A place where we can share and discuss creative stuff, and play around with ideas together – I don’t get that in my everyday life, so to have found a place where this can happen …..   is ….. well …….. MAGIC!

And for any of you who are not having a lovely day for whatever reason, know that I am also with you. In my current reality I am truly blessed and my life is full of family and love and joy, but I have known dark times and there were 3 consecutive Christmases (back in the 1980s) when I spent hours on the phone to the Samaritans not knowing how I could get through the next few hours, let alone weeks, months or  years.

They helped me through, they helped me live. I am so very grateful.

Christmas is not a happy time for everybody. It is not a happy time for many. Even if all seems well on the surface and we are putting on a brave face – deep inside, for some of us, at times – it’s crap!

I can never totally shake off those dark times, I still find Christmas difficult, so part of me is right there with you if you are finding it tough. Let’s draw the curtains, put on favourite DVD, get under the duvet with a bottle of something delicious and have a good cry, then a good laugh at some deeply irreverent joke – black humour is the only way forward!

After more good sobbing, let’s eat chocolates, crunch crisps, pig out and have a good old wallow together.

If you are feeling rubbish today and it would help to write it down, go to the  ‘Contact Me’ page and send an email – I don’t know when I will be able to respond but be sure I will read your message and I will answer as soon as I can.

If you are having a wonderful day


That’s just FABULOUS!!!!!! you can tell me about that TOO!!!


to all of us


16 responses to “25.December.2015

  1. What a wonderful picture – hope Christmas was good to you this year. Mine passed by in a blur as did most of December!

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  2. A wonderful, thoughtful post. I hope you are having a lovely Christmas. Christmas hugs all around:)

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  3. Had my black Christmases, last year hospital visiting, this year hoping for a walk and after dinner and presents some knitting. Have a wonderful happy day! Xxxx

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  4. Thank Sandra, and a wonderful Christmas to you and a lot of new blogging adventures in 2016. I will have more Japan trip images to share next year, and you must continue your trip!

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    • I certainly will continue sharing my trip to Japan. My 25 year old nephew is thinking of going in 2017 so we are having great chats about it. I’ve really enjoyed hearing of your experiences in Japan and look forward to seeing your pictures – I can’t get enough at the moment!
      And thank you so much for the haiku ‘chats’ – just LOVE them!


  5. Love and light to you, also. I am full of joy. Wonderful post.

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  6. Annette Rochelle Aben

    ALL of (((ME))) hugs ALL of (((YOU)))!

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