Vase on Monday: Blackberry Blooms

In December?!


The blackberry flowers are in a night-light holder with a gold labyrinth on it. There were a few years when I became utterly obsessed by labyrinths, creating them, drawing them and walking them. I still do walk them whenever I come across them and draw them out on sand and soil whenever the mood takes me. Fun for children to run around and a beautiful aid to meditation and decision making.

The flowers are on a thornless blackberry that I planted in the Spring, it sat there doing nothing until the warm weather we had in November sparked it into life – the berries just shrivel after the green stage. I guess it would be best to cut it right back down to near the ground and hope for more settled seasons in 2016.


The buds create exquisite little stars as they burst through their casing



and form their tissue paper flowersxx

My houseplant of the week is an African Violet, grown from a leaf cutting


As I’m photographing these flowers each week I’m noticing all sorts of fascinating details, not noticed before – cute!DSC_0047

Joining in with Cathy’s ‘Vase on Monday’ and Cee’s ‘Flower of the Day’Β on both sites there are marvellous opportunities for bloghopping around the world.

32 responses to “Vase on Monday: Blackberry Blooms

  1. My blogging friend Daisy Debs also loves labyrinthines, I wonder whether you have met?

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  2. Lovely post, with the light shining through…another good reason to love this plant!

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  3. I love the contrasting stamens of blackberry flowers. Like a frilly polka dot skirt.
    Some may consider African violets ‘old-fashioned’ but I wish they were more popular. The many hybrids from years ago used to fascinate me. I expect there are still devotees, so it is nice to see yours.

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  4. So very beautiful. πŸ˜€

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  5. I never knew blackberry flowers were so pretty (but then I’ve never seen blackberries growing here – they probably can’t survive). I love that vase.

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    • They grow in abundance here and are often a real nuisance! Until today, I have never really thought about their flowers, it has been like seeing them for the first time. That’s what I so love about ‘Vase on Monday’, it gives me such a wonderful opportunity to discover new things.


  6. Absolutely gorgeous Daffy. The vases and the flowers go so well together. You always have such good taste and showcase your flowers to their best advantage. Lovely πŸ™‚

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  7. What great details you have shown in your photos, Sandra – the blackberry stars are amazing! Love your labyrinth vase too. Thanks for sharing

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  8. Two stunning vases and I love the labyrinth on the vase as well….two lovely choices for flowers!

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  9. Clever to propagate African Violets. I can’t even get them to flower again!

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  10. Murtagh's Meadow

    I’ve seen wild bramble in flower the other day – it’s such a strange year!! Lovely vases.

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  11. Lovely flowers and I’m intrigued by your labyrinth vase.

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  12. What lovely blooms and I love your vases. You have so many gorgeous ones..

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    • Thank you Cathy. It has amazed me how many little containers I have around the place – this one is really a night-light holder, I had never thought of using it as a vase before today.


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