twinkling like crystal

hope glistens in clear blue eyes

finding dark footprints


like crystal

eyes glistening with hope

find treasure


Our Photo Challenge prompt this week: HAPPY

click on Happy, to go to Photo Challenge page and find out all about it – we’d love you to join us!

So many things I could have photographed for this subject, but this sums up so many of the things that make me happy and my grandchildren(1) too. MissE (1a) comes to me one day a week(2) for Home Education(2a). We have such fun together(3). Last Wednesday, at last the sun shone(4) so we went for a walk (5), I grabbed magnifying glass as I went out of the door and Miss E immediately found all sorts of things to look at (6) : lichen, mud, leaves both back and front, gorse flowers , maize husk, acorn cup. Her delight (7) and enthusiasm (8) is always such a joy. We also found these deer prints(9) and then we were both excited to see badger prints(10) and tracked them to the hedge (11).

So you see this photograph is 13 ‘HAPPY’s in one .

joining in with Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge, prompt words CRYSTAL and HOPE

ps. My laptop crashed☹ and I am struggling to do this on an iPad 😫 I’m not finding it easy and it is taking ages!!!!

pps. I tried to link in other entries and got into a right old muddle on the iPad, so I will have to wait til my lovely laptop is all better. There seems to be a universal law of balance in operation here: HAPPY and FRUSTRATION see-sawing it’s way through my post. πŸ˜„ + 😬


36 responses to “Happy

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  2. Lovely photo, and one I bet brings back happy memories of their own childhood. It certainly does mine! πŸ˜ƒ

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  3. When mine crashed I tried to do some on a Kindle. Me, over 6 feet tall, big thick fingers, and a Kindle screen. I did a lot of reblogging. πŸ™‚

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  4. Lovely, the seeds have been planted in a young mind and she will always have a love of nature. So good to see.

    I can truly sympathize my laptop crashed too and I have only had it back the last few days. I lost everything but fortunately I had backed up a lot of it. I hadn’t had time to check into it but have you heard of Blogsy? Another blogging friend said her husband used it with his iPAD when he was traveling and it worked quite well. I found working on the iPAD and doing a blog post hard going. Even though I have my laptop back it is still taking a long time to catch up on things πŸ™‚ Hope your problems sort themselves out soon.

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    • Yes, exactly! You understand!!!! Hard going is exactly how it feels trying to blog on the iPad. Thanks for the tip about Blogsy, I’ll look into it.
      The laptop is back in use but I’m not sure for how long, something to do with the graphics reader has gone phut! My miracle worker computer guy has done a bit of by-pass surgery, but he’s not sure how long this will be ok for. I fear I might have to look at getting another one – yikes – so many options to think about! Never mind – high class problem!
      So wonderful to have little ones and walks in nature to bring things back into perspective. xx


  5. I thought it looked like a beach too! What a great time you and Miss E have – almost makes me want to consider home tutoring, well very briefly it did! What excellent happiness experiences you are having – hope they balance out some of the laptop/tablet frustration. I think the double challenge of photo and haiku is definitely worth doing and I am aware of this week’s words and waiting for inspiration, although with all my crystals I shouldn’t really find it too difficult…!

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  6. A great haiku Sandra. Interesting you are linking your Ronovan haiku challenge to your photo challenge. This is a challenging extra challenge you set yourself. I reckon my Charlie image in Ronovan’s challenge would fit your Happy Challenge

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    • I do agree, your Charlie photo is definitely a picture of Happiness! Shall I link you in this week? We have another doggy entry as well, so they would be happy together!
      It does seem as if combining the two challenges would be extra difficult but Melissa and I have been doing it this way for nearly a year now and strangely, I find one seems to help the other. The photo usually comes first for me and the haiku grows round it.


      • Hi Sandra, yes link me if thats OK, I assume you mean the whole post?
        I do haiku in 1 of 3 ways, either it comes to me and I write it down, or I take a picture or find one and create the haiku. The third way is taking the challenge words looking through my image files, fining one or more images and writing the haiku. The first is my best but also rarest creation of haiku.
        We occasionally do haiku walks in groups where someone picks a location, a group meet and walk and stop at locations and all write haiku. Then finish up over coffee/tea sharing haiku.

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        • Oh my! How I LOVE the sound of your haiku walk groups! I am going to include that idea when I go on my next ‘art walk’. You are giving me so much inspiration Denis, thank you SO much.
          Yes, I will link your whole post to the Photo Challenge by putting the link into the comments on Cathy’s post. I aim to do a round up of all the photos entered, but will wait until I get my laptop back.


  7. Just realizing this post never appeared in my Reader. I directed myself here. Did a double check just now and it definitely not there. 😦

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  8. How fortunate for you both to have that one day a week together–a win-win for sure.
    Must admit, I wondered why I didn’t see your post earlier in the day. Thought maybe you were stumped. Ha, ha, far from it!! Well done πŸ™‚ I find it very difficult to work from tablet also though the new WordPress edit is supposed to be more ‘tablet friendly’. Guess these things take time to get used to.

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    • The changes WordPress make are always geared for iPads and IPhones aren’t they, which is fine if you know all the commands on these devices, but I’m having to spend time finding all this out as I don’t use it much. I briefly got my laptop back and it has now crashed again. A ‘high class’ problem as my life coach used to say, so I’m keeping it in perspective! just! Xx

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      • The changes do seem that way. Good lord, don’t know what I would do without my laptop! Would probably not participate at all if I needed to depend on my phone. I only own the tablet because of plans last year to go to school. Perhaps we’re in the minority depending on our big screens?

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        • My computer guy operated on my ailing laptop today and it is struggling on. I got so excited to be back on it and wanted to do several things at once. A few deep breaths and I’ve settled into answering long overdue emails and blog posts. Not sure how long it will last, but for now things are returning to normal, such a relief.


  9. Annette Rochelle Aben

    Check out, you being so clever! Fine job.

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  10. No better combination than children and the beach.. Lovely picture and captures happiness completely…xx

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  11. Thirteen happies! great! I think grandchildren would have been my other choice.

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  12. Love that haiku Daffy, and the photo too πŸ™‚

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  13. Happiness in this picture just glows!

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