Grab yourself a £5 H&M voucher.

Lots of useful information if you are interested in recycling textiles. Reblogged from Brawhem

BrawHem : Upcycling My Year

I’d heard about the H&M Conscious garment collecting initiative recently, where you can donate old clothes and textiles in return for a £5 voucher, so I thought I’d try it out for myself.

Because I sew, I end up with heaps of offcuts, scraps and threads that until recently ended up heading to landfill – not good. I couldn’t find anywhere that would accept them. All clothing donation bins and ‘cash for clothes’ type places locally only accept whole, good quality items. I popped into H&M to ask if they’d take my bags of offcuts and I think the cashier was a little confused by how excited I was when she said yes – but this is hugely important to me. I’m trying to sew and run a small business in the most sustainable, conscientious way possible. This of course takes time, but knowing I can now recycle my ‘leftovers’…

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3 responses to “Grab yourself a £5 H&M voucher.

  1. I find that at least the Heart Foundation charity shop will take anything as ‘rags’ round here.

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  2. Thank you for your contribution,Wonderful! Yes, we have a place here called ‘Ragfinery’ that’s a textile reduce & reuse shop. Love it.~cheers

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