Inspired by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden I will take a photo of this border in each month of the year and share it with you. DSC_0108

This is a North facing border.

When I came to the house there was a Leylandii hedge here, which I had removed and the fence installed. I have planted mainly fruit up against the fence that I hope will be happy in the situation.

Two thornless blackberries, a loganberry, an apple tree, a plum and stars of the border so far,  Autumn fruiting raspberries which were amazing in 2015 producing luscious fruit from late July, well into November. I still have masses in the freezer.

It is work in progress, as you can see.  I do find it hard to keep up with the garden, so you are never likely to see perfect and pristine on this blog – more hot-potch and Heath Robinson.

By doing just a little each day, I gradually allow the task to completely overwhelm me.

I saw this quote on a postcard once and it just about sums me up!

I like gardening, but I wouldn’t say I am very good at it – I’m not ‘A GARDENER’. I am a Mum, a Granny, and a crafter who likes to have a garden, so the garden has to play second third fiddle to family, knitting, crochet etc. Which means I often don’t get things done when they need to be done, leaving me with problems to solve later.

Once the trees were cleared, my son-in-law brought me a load of farmyard manure which I spread over the entire area, covered it up with used black plastic from sileage bales and left it for a year.

It has taken quite a few digs to get rid of masses of bindweed roots but I’m getting there.

20 responses to “Garden

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  2. It is most intriguing and refreshing to hear about gardens from a non garden blogger’s point of view, both in your post and in the comments. Good luck with whatever you decide to do – dare I ask if you have any plans yet?

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    • Thanks for your interest Cathy, plans, hmmmm ……. well, just out of shot on the left of the picture is Pippin my caravan-in-the-garden. She has nicely killed of the grass underneath for me and I plan to move her nearer the house, (to the far end of the picture) and put a fruit cage where she has been since 2011. The fruit cage will also cover the area you can see under the black plastic and will be for more fruit, but mainly for growing vegetables, which is impossible at the moment as the sparrows just gobble all the seedlings up – very frustrating!
      I really appreciate you encouragement, it will be fun sharing how things change during the year.


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  4. That is a great idea Sandra, in fact the more frequently you take the photos at the same time on each occasion the more you pick up the changes as they begin. Especially look for insects, birds, animals, even humans acting naturally.

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  5. HaHa – you could have described me there…..I’m a Mum, Nanna, quilter, walker etc etc but I love my garden too… just has to come a little way down the list of things I love to do! Looking forward to seeing your border taking shape.

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    • Gosh, that’s so good to know! I see so many splendid gardens on fabulous blogs, it’s heartening to know I’m not alone! I’m hoping taking a photo each month to share with you all will motivate me.


  6. I will look forward to seeing how your border grows. My garden is a mess at present as I want to make it easier but can’t quite decide what to do.

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  7. Perfect quote to sum up gardening. I’m like you, liking a garden but not a gardener, and seem to always have a slightly wild look going because of it.

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  8. How lucky to have so much fruit! Can’t wait to see what grows during the year. For now though, my jealousy over your raspberry stash is immense…

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