Photo Challenge: STITCH review


A photo from warmer days (Apr.14). Whilst waiting for a friend to join me for tea, I used my crochet as a makeshift tea-cosy.

I have done my best to do a review of all our STITCH photos on the iPad. Still not adept at making the links, but I hope I have managed to include everyone. Once again such a wonderful variety and glimpses into other aspects of some fascinating blogs. Thanks so much to everyone for joining in. It is always the stories behind the pictures that enrich this challenge for me.

Garden Cathy, Roz, Melissa and I have all combined this with Ronovan’s haiku challenge, interestingly, he didn’t, ha! But he did join in with a photo! Welcome Ron!

Jane of RainbowJunkie: cute heirlooms











13 fabulous entries this week

next challenge, going live tomorrow, Monday, 9am. GMT




One response to “Photo Challenge: STITCH review

  1. Wow, 13! My lucky number 🙂 The number grows and grows. Thanks for the wrap-up Sandra and hope the computer blues pass you by soon. Xx

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