Photo Challenge:HOME review

Here I am at last with the ‘HOME’ review.

Sometimes a kink happens in my world and things go a bit off kilter for a while. I expect you know what I mean. Nothing serious, just a pile up of circumstances keeping me away from my blogland  home that is ‘Wild Daffodil’.

I have managed to view all the wonderful homely photos that have been posted. This prompt has brought forth some great photos and stories and memories to accompany them.

Jane at RainbowJunkie:

Cathy at Nanacathy:

💜Melissa at The Aran Artisan:


Denis at Haiku Hound:

💜Cathy at Rambling in the Garden:

Ali at Thimberlina:

Christina at ALookattheLittleThings:

Wicked Rural Homestead:

Del at CurlsnSkirls :

Dorris at Dig with Dorris:

Swathi at Kreative Doting:

💜 denotes a post which combines the Photo Challenge with Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge

12 entries last week.

This week’s prompt is TENSION.

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we would love you to join us.



12 responses to “Photo Challenge:HOME review

  1. Hope things are settling down again – and perhaps it’s good to be reminded sometimes that there is a life outside blogging!

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    • Thank you Cathy. I don’t think I will be back to ‘normal’ til I have replaced my laptop. Still some minor health issues to get through before I can put my full attention to that whole palaver.
      The good thing is that although I find working on the iPad extremely frustrating, I am learning how to do more and more on it.
      Every cloud ………..


      • Sorry about the health issues – hope they are only temporary and you will be right as rain again soon. Shame about your iPad frustration – I enjoy having my tablet as well but wouldn’t want to have to use it all the time, I must admit (and only use 2 fingers at a time on it so it would be much slower!)

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  2. You missed me. Have I done the link wrong? Dorris at

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  3. Know exactly what you mean! Take care!

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  4. Oh yes I totally understand! Take care 😊

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